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2160 Hard top conversion

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I have a 93 Robalo 2160 that has a standard biminy top. The boat is in great condition with lots of life left in it. Ideally I would like to find another 2160 that is being scrapped that is equipped with a hard top I could remove and replace on mine. I'm well capable of the work and have the tooling I'd need. I'd just need come up with the bits I need. Are there any resources that would help me accomplish this? I'm posting pics of what I'd like to locate.

Thanks in advance,




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Hi Jared and welcome to the site!

I also have a 2160 with the bimini top and considered going with the hardtop.  Problem is there are very few 2160's out there and almost all are bimini tops.  The previous owner of my boat had a hardtop on the 2160 and someone decided they would like it for their boat and removed top, pipe work, and motor from his beach house.

The only alternative is to talk to a local fabricator about doing the pipework, then build the top how you want it.  Just be sure to size the tubing to allow enough room for the wiring to run in.

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