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Bad Fuel. in R207

Spare Parts

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Hi Spare Parts and welcome to the forum.

Does your boat have a fuel/water filter between the tank and motor?  Did you get an error code on the motor indicating water?  Approximately how full is the tank now?

Easiest way is to find a 12 volt fuel pump.  Disconnect the fuel line at the primer bulb and attach to suction side of pump.  Attach a 16-24" piece of fuel line to the discharge side of the pump and then connect leads to battery with the pump and fuel tank as far as possible from the battery to avoid any sparks.  Pump fuel into 5 gallon cans.

Next question is to determine the source of the water.  Check your gas cap to be sure there is an o ring present on the cap or fuel filler neck to prevent rain water from seeping in. 

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You could also run the fuel through through your water separator before pumping it into the 5 gal jugs.. Once you pump the last 5 gallons out put 5 back in and run through your separator until you don’t see any more waterinthe separator. My filter has a bleed valve on bottom of clear plastic bottom and I drain it after each 5 gallons  into a clear jar (an empty Mayo jar works great )once you have no water in filter you are done. If you have a transfer station call them and ask if they have a hazmat goods area you can bring it to. The one I went to in Fl. Allows you 10 gallons a day,just go buy and pour it in there container and you can take a friend and they get 10 gallons too. 
Just some food for thought.

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