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Upgrade or Modify R222 CC Bait Tank

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I'm looking for feedback addressing small bait tank on my 2018 R222 CC, the tank is built into the leaning post I think its 15 gal. great location but way too small.  I'm wondering about adding a removable aux bait tank to the swim step on the port side maybe 25 to 30 gal, my concern would be weight balance even with trim tabs and not ideal access.  Or buy a new leaning post with built in 40 gal tank, concern not sure how fit, finish and match would come out plus installation cost.  Or can I somehow expand the existing tank to take up the whole space of the leaning post cabinet, I'm guessing it might add another 10 gal or so if its doable. I live in Calif and the bait tank is an important  issue, I haven't seen any solutions on forum  and I would appreciate some feedback or get pointed in the right direction.  

I saw some off the shelf examples on Nautical Design Inc which includes a new leaning post with a 40 gal tank built into it, I gotta do something one way or the other thanks, https://www.nauticaldesigninc.com/images_Nov2015/Livewell-2015-20151012.html



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Hi Dabbles and welcome to the forum!

Your right...a 15 gallon livewell is useless.  Only thing it is useful for is a cooler for drinks.  It should have been at least twice that size to work as a true livewell.  Remember that a lot of people buying boat are not necessarily hard core fishing types; they just like the looks of some of the components.

I really don't see how that existing one can be retro-fitted easily.  Looks like any mods would require removing the top and creating a larger liner.  Means you would lose the cup holders.  Is that part of the plumbing on the side in the second picture?  If it was a little further forward, part of that recess could have been used for the new tank.  

How often are  you going to be really needing a live well?  If it is just a few times a year, it might be best to go with a decent portable livewell that is circular.   Any chance something could be rigged on the existing leaning post to allow temporary fastening of the portable live well behind the existing one?  This location would have the least impact on the weight distribution in the boat.  

Only other option is a new leaning post combo.   I am afraid most are going to have flat surfaces, resulting in bait with bruised noses.  Which kinda of leads back to the portable set-up.


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Thanks 2 N Tow, ya I could definitely live without the cup holders for a proper bait tank. The plumbing is in the cabinet for existing livewell and also would have no problem relocating the subwoofer speaker I mounted inside cabinet. The bait tank is central and a must on the west coast, right now bluefin are running 25 miles off the coast. The crazy thing is if Robalo had just made that whole cabinet a bait tank I think it would be adequate.  I might have a fiberglass guy look at it to see if enlarging tank is practical or not. 

Funny story my wife liked the Robalo mainly because of the head in console and now I have to beg her to go out boating and I hardly ever use the head. I remember reading a similar story, guy got a walkaround instead of the CC he wanted, mainly for wifeys comfort and she never went on the boat either LOL.  Lesson learned


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Hope you can find something that works. I checked Robalo's website and you'd have to move up to a 242 to get a larger livewell, and then it's 2-20 gallon livewells.  Maybe you can get yours enlarged enough to do what you need. 

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 I fished a long time ago with a forum member out of Santa Monica.  Every morning started with a stop at the bait boat to load up the livewells.  Very little fishing done with artificials or dead bait.

I used to have a head on my 2160.  Rule was  whoever used it emptied it once back home.  I removed it from the boat after 5 years of no use....nobody wanted to be that guy!

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