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Sirius XM radios

Nancy Logue

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I am a little baffled. My dealer just told me that no Robalo will come with a stereo that is Sirius XM compatible or even Nema 2000 compatible with the standard Garmin GPS. My last boat had it all with the XM weather to the Garmin. Do you all find that true?

If so, what do you all do offshore? We are new 246 owners and love the boat but can’t believe that Robalo would not offer the best of stereo and weather stations.


Thanks in advance for all of your inputs.




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Hi Nancy and welcome to the site!

This forum is more for the older Robalos, but we do have some members with newer year boats.

Does seem odd the factory would not offer something like this which is a desired piece on a lot of boats.  But look at it kinda like a gift and see if you can purchase the boat with no stereo.  Then, purchase an after market model from someone liken Crutchfield or BOE.  I can assure you whatever you purchase this way will have a lot more features than the factory option and will sound better, and probably at a better price.  Then go with a chartplotter with XM weather.  This way you can be sure both the plotter and stereo are network compatible.

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Garmin offers XM weather on your chartplotter via an $800 GXM 53, if you want to stay with a factory installed Garmin.  Simrad offers a $699 XM weather and radio system at $699, the WM-3 system.

Don't think I can help with the radio's offered by Robalo.

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