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  1. What did you end up doing for rub rail? I just removed mine. I'm trying to find a different kind that will work. I don't like the rope insert.
  2. 1. I believe the fuel tank is still in good condition. So I will reuse it. Is there something that can coat the tank to increase its longevity? 2. I had question on that also. There is a hole to the bottom of the boat there. Is that factory or did someone drill that hole? I was planning on keeping that and using that as the bilge. 3. I believe the transom and stringers are in good shape also. 4. I plan on glossing the panels back in. I'm going to sand the whole floor and paint it. I will add a nonskid to the paint. 5. I did cut the whole fuel coffin out and plan on reglassing it back in. I am trying to figure out how to make channels for water flow. I really don't have a plan for that yet.
  3. I recently purchased this boat for my son. All of the foam was soaked with water. We have removed all of it from the floor to the hull, even under the coffin box. My question is what foam weight was originally used in this Era of boats? 2lb or 4lb? It seems like the foam is structurally supporting the fuel tank and the deck. I will attach some pictures possibly this weekend.
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