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  1. I took out the exact amount that I took out with the exstension but it spins not pulls
  2. Not my finest tig job but shift rod is 5 inches shorter everything is all back together and shifting good.. so will be testing soon weather is crap right now
  3. Yea its definitely a solid setup it will get the worst of em out thats for sure.. well lower is all back together I just have to cut the shift rod down and tig it.. should have that done tommorow so I should be able to put this thing in the water next week in hoping
  4. Yea I made that with a puller I had and bent the hooks pretty quick.. last thing I tried was putting aluminum plates behind the prop and tightening the prop nut down on the prop and hitting the shaft with a bronze hammer I used for rebuilding cranks needless to say that hammer is crap now.. I've heated it until the remaining gear oil started to boil.. I'm not having much luck yet so hopefully if this slide hammer adapter ever comes in that will do the trick
  5. So just a heads up I'm still in the process of trying to convert it to a 20 I've spent a few days trying to get my bearing carrier out with very little luck I got it to move maybe a 1/4 inch so far and then she stopped so im waiting on a slide hammer adapter to come in that I can hook up to my prop shaft I don't know what else to do at this point just yet..
  6. i would just like to mention tho i dont know what would be considered normal for this boat because it does feel like a very heavy boat but i have about a 9inch draft with the 150 on the back
  7. yea the 115 had a exstension as well and sat very deep because the transom was a odd 23 1/2 it was so low it would spray up the cowling so when i traded for the 150 i rebuilt the transom being its was a little soft and raised it up.. and yes the measurements were from the motor bracket to the cavitation plate and like i said it was 26 not 25... i dont think 30 is a option for the 150 i just think they got a 25 by adding the exstension
  8. I do also have trim tabs but I was trying to leave that as a last option im not fond of drilling into my new transom I even made a fiberglass block and glued it to my transom for the transponder.. if I have put tabs on the boat I will prob do the same thing. But for now I ordered a 20inch shaft that will be here Monday in going to pull the 5inch spacer and convert it drop the engine as low on the transom as it will go and see how that does
  9. I also raised my suppers when I raised the transom I didn't like the old setup it was sort of like a box back there and the scuppers were above the bottom so it would always have about 2 inches of water what a odd setup.. well I had a merc 115 4stroke on here before I traded for the yamaha 150 4stroke and it pretty well rode the same thats why I was sure if the hull just kinda rode that way as it has a real deep keel that seems tobe a few inches lowered then the stern. I figured maybe it was trying to ride on that?
  10. I would love a flotation bracket.. that would be some other time maybe after I get around to redoing the deck thx again I should have some results in a week orso when the driveshaft comes in and I get everything swapped out its cooling off so perfect time to get all this done
  11. Cool well thats good enough for me.. funny because everyone i talked to in person seemed to think it was to high even some of the commercial fishing guys I talked to. I had a feeling tho level with the bottom was not good enough considering the water rises immediately after leaving the boat
  12. I must say tho I thank you for your experience and taking the time to talk to me I will be doing this asap as I have not been able to properly enjoy after rebuilding and powering it..I will keep updated on the progress and outcome I just hope when this is done that it performs correctly haha if nothing else I will be saving prob 50lbs taking exstension and wedges off the back
  13. Yea I think your prob right i may just pull the exstension i did look and found a driveshaft for 20inch case for like 200 bucks the shift rod ide prob just cut and tig it so I don't have to pull the powerhead.. would be much easier to notch the transom if it ends up to high compared to building it up anyways.. as far as it being a 30inch it doesn't seem to be the case every one of these engines I've seen or worked on all had the exstension so I'm pretty sure thats how they get 25 out of them and standard 20 is no exstension. I've had the lower of to replace the pump and all the seals and never saw a adapter on the drive shaft
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