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  1. So was thinking about how to get some new wiring forward. Is it possible to snake wires through the drain in the port locker down the bilge and back-up through one of the wiring tubes in the console? Ideally, would like to have wires for windlass, running lights and speakers.
  2. So far so good! For $9 I got an entire set, I have some more wiring splicing to do so these should work well.
  3. Running lights fixed! Whew was that nerve racking...barely got enough clean wire and found these great heat shrink tubes with solder in the middle. I was able to use a small torch to do the job... I also added a few extra inches for now....
  4. OK, that confirms what I was thinking too. I'm 100% positive they could down tube in the CC and up the starboard side where the fuel cap is and down then forward sandwiched between the hull and deck/cap. Not sure I follow how to fabricate a support system, the only way I see it happening is to put in a few inspection ports. Dig out the foam and then snake through wires. I just was trying to avoid cutting up the boat like that. Thanks for the guide on the batteries. Yes, the thru hull fitting in the fish box. It is just a bronze tube and with a rolled lip on top of a brass nut..typ
  5. Starting to work on some projects and need some advise. 1. How do you get new wires forward into the bow/anchor locker area? I want to add a small windlass (vertical deck mounted), two speakers and flush mounted running lights right below the rub rail. When I pulled the old running light off the deck it was filled with foam and water and the existing wiring is looking its age. I tried(very lightly) to pull on the existing wires but there is no slack so they must be burried in foam? Ugh! is there a tube to snake new wires forward? I've seen pictures of similar boats with these feature
  6. Name: Matt Location: Sarasota, FL Year: 1986 Model: R2120 Power: 200 Yami OX66 ~ '01 Picture of hull id number: don't have it on me..:) Picture of boat capacity plate: I can't read it anymore Pictures of boat:
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