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  1. And another question? The pecs for this boat says that it drafts in 9 inches of water. Is that really true I'm sure after I make these modifications that it will change the draft but is it really originally 9 inches like Holly crap
  2. So I'm thinking I want a bench seat stretching across the whole transom and I'm gonna do a leaning post live well. I'm trying not to put to much weight in the back cuz I'm using the Armstrong bracket and it'll make her sag more in the back.
  3. My buddy has a hook up on poly resin so I'm going with that but I might try vynilester if I can afford it I've already cut out one sheet of Coosa for my transom for shirts and giggles 😃. Does it seem right like should I make the cut out shorter or leave it be.
  4. So new plan I'm doing 3 sheets of 3/4 Coosa but now I need some guidance on what to do next lol its my first time and I really don't want to mess her up. Specifically on sanding and how far to sand.
  5. Alright so I finally got the funds to buy most of the materials needed to close off my transom. So how many layers of fiberglass do I apply? What types of cloth should I use? How many yards and weight of cloth do I need? Any specific pattern of laying down glass on transom ,tabbing or knee bracing ? I got a 1975 R200 amf Using vynilester and going with 1.5' coosa board Thanks for any input
  6. Got most of all the old wood out of the transom today. Now time to grind the last little bit down to the fiberglass.
  7. 2-N-TOW question how many transom supports do I need to add to the new transom. I know they are supposed to be attached to the stringers correct?
  8. Cleaned up a little for better pics and did some more cutting
  9. Breaking news The stringers don't appear rotten at all and the foam seems pretty dry for the most part. So I don't think I will be seperating the deck from the hull thank GOD. lol
  10. Thanks man I really appreciate the help and I'll keep you up to date
  11. Alright guys I'm gutting it completely out. All the foam is socked throughout the whole boat upon further inspection. So I might as well redo the stringers. My first question is what's the best way to separate the deck from the hull? Second question is do I have refill the whole boat with new foam like is it really necessary? And last question for now is can I use epoxy resin on this project.
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