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  1. They have been out for 3 years now and running strong. I will keep everyone posted with pics for sure, if I pull the trigger???
  2. I am looking to repower and keep my 1993 2440 for another 10-15 years. Anybody out there have any experience with the new Suzuki? Hearing some great things about them and thinking of going that direction. Over 3 miles to the gallon at cruise with great hole shot and a full 6 year warranty? Sounds like it would turn my Robalo into a sport boat? Thanks for the time.
  3. Run a stainless prop to get the beast out of the water and on step. Thump and Bang while running at cruising speed. Only damage is from the gears trying to come out of the lower unit. No dings on the stainless. Just find it odd that it would just give up while at cruising speed? No air to the prop, no change in rpm's. Just a thump and pop. Worth sending in the pics and seeing what they say. Paying insurance for a long time without a claim? If they say NO, no big deal.
  4. Since the motor is in good running shape and insurance may cover the damage??? $500 deductible may be the way to go for a couple thousand dollar job. Pulling the boat this weekend and will take pictures for the insurance company. Not much to see but some gears trying to pop out the side of the lower unit. Getting the 17' Whaler ready for some salmon fishing now. Nice to have a spare pain in the butt sitting around to maintain??? Anyway, I will be fishing again by the weekend and waiting to see what happens with the comfortable fishing machine.
  5. I should have stuck with my first guess. It was my lower unit. Went to put on a different prop yesterday assuming the motor would be going away and didn't want to leave my stainless prop on there. When looking at the lower unit there is a small hole and dimple on the starboard side just above the water pick up. I still ran a compression check just to make sure that it wasn't the powerhead and see if it is worth keeping. Just over 800 hours on the motor. Compression was 130-133 on 5 cylinders and the lower starboard cylinder was 121psi. Still within 10% so think I will be looking around f
  6. Morning guys, Happy 4th of July. Went out salmon fishing for the first time this summer in Washington state. Made a pass with the tide a few times on Waldron island about 14 miles from my dock. One hour before tide change(prime time) I fired up my 2007 250 E-Tec and ran a mile or two up to make the drift again, BANG, thought I had hit something but water was flat and I hadn't. I slow the engine to idle and it sounds like crap. Clanking and rattling which goes away after 10 seconds. Only hear the noise when you throttle up, in or out of gear. Pretty sure I have a piston rod flopping around
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