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  1. Thanks Mr Robalo!! Is there any way to accurately date my boat? I was told it was 1970 but have no identification stamps anywhere on the boat.
  2. I haven’t done it yet but will follow Mr Robalo’s advice posted on this feed. Boat still needs some work but it’s in the water!!
  3. Punching above my weight on both fronts!! Thanks again for all your help.
  4. 2.5 years later….. and she’s finally in the water. Not quite finished but damn, I needed to get the boat wet!!
  5. Thank you Mr Robalo.... I will pluck up the courage to tackle it. Come a long way since cutting into the rotten deck... all thanks to the supreme patience and guidance of Dan. Thank you. Now to stop posting pics from my back yard and get the damn boat in the water!!
  6. Question #1072: What is the best and safest way to correctly ground the fuel fill? I have a 39 gallon Moeller plastic tank.
  7. Went for a slightly unusual colour for the hull.... Bristol Beige. Have only painted the transom (first coat) at this stage but I think it’s looking okay.
  8. More of a Trap Horse than a Show Pony but finally making some progress!!
  9. I know, I know but it will be in the water n the next few weeks.... honest!! Will post some pics when finished 😉
  10. Okay, don’t judge me.... it’s been a while! I’m working on it (honestly)!! I need to paint the hull, which means removing the rub rail. How easy / hard is it to get back on? Looks like there needs to be some tension in the rope prior to screwing in but not sure how to go about it.
  11. Name: John Location: St Pete, FL Year: 1970 Model: R190 Power: Yamaha 200
  12. Thanks for the quick reply and yes, I will make sure the PVC is well supported.
  13. Thanks for sharing the pics @Retainer !!! Can I ask what is generally used for fixing PVC pipework together: 4200, 5200, Fusion Single Step or some other alchemy?
  14. Quick update: I’m still working on it and will post some new pics soon!!
  15. Nice boat Craig! I am hoping to get my boat in the water very soon, if I can get finished up. The pipe doesn't go anywhere, it just has a piece the same length sticking through the other side of the transom. I can't imagine the deck could fill up that high and if it did, I would surely be underwater anyway!
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