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  1. Funny thing was last night I entered my boat yard and saw the front of a boat that I didn't remember seeing there before and I said "who's boat is this in here now", then I realized it was mine. I literally didn't recognize my own boat lol.. It is pretty amazing to see the boat right now even in this state, it has come such a long way from where it started... seeing the console in with the hardtop stand around it really let me see what the final product will look like. I'm hoping to get it over the the new paint shop sometime next weekend, work has just been so busy with work I haven't had much time to get anything done for myself.
  2. Here are some updates and new pics.. Joey was relocating his shop to Homosassa FL so I moved my boat out of there headed to DeLand FL where I have a buddy with an autonomy shop who is wanting to paint the boat. Right now it is sitting at my house but next week or seeon I will get it moved over to his shop. We put the stand over the console and it looks nice!!! I wanted to put the hardtop on to get some pics but it won't fit in his shop with the extra height. A few pics that I snapped while I had it hilled up to the truck!!!
  3. I will have to take some new pics for you to better show what I'm going to describe here but: Basically we have a full length base that was constructed on the bottom of the hardtop stand that hugs and is fully contoured to fit around the bottom of the console. This will allow us to bolt it to the floor and spread out the bolts so there is not too much stress in a single area. The pipework actually fits snuggly against the console and has 2 round pads on each side near the top of the console as well as a bar that crosses the from of the console that will be thru bolted to the console. Then obviously the top will mount to that and there are 2 additional mounting tabs and pipes near the top to connect to the E-box to allow us to run all the wiring thru it to hide everything. As you can tell by the old console pics vs the new ones we removed all protruding screws and one of the compartments from the console, we stiffened everything up using Coosa board, then we added blind mounting tabs with Coosa inside of the interior of the console to allow us to perfectly mount the console to the deck without any visible screws fromt he outside. Once we mount the console, the stand and the hardtop we will then run a clean bead of caulk around the base to have a nice finished look. Currently I'm about to move the boat into the new paint shop (probably before next weekend). The shop that is doing the new work does not have a very high entrance so we have decided not to mount the top until it leaves the paint shop.
  4. This is exactly where my mind was... We often talk about how some of the features are totally unique and that there won't be very many people who will be able to identify the boat. Every detail was done deliberately along the way. I did everything exactly how I wanted it without the things I don't like. We have access to areas that were never able to be reached in the past, increased storage spaces, increased structural integrity, decreased weight, gained additional buoyancy, etc... At this point it me loving the hull design and building a boat with it. I am eager to see it with the console recounted, the new paint on the hull, and the rubrail installed... I am starting to feel like a child on Christmas morning.
  5. We haven't bored the holes yet but we have plenty of room... the plan is to bore 2 or 3 overlaping holes on each side of the transom and use one of the rectangular flaps style scupper covers on the rear, from the inside it will appear as an obliged oval and we have to glass in that area like a gutter... We are not excited to start that part of the project but it is in the plans right now... the thickness of the transom is not going to be fun to bore thru, it will probably feel like we are boring a tunnel thru a mountain lol...
  6. It has definitely been a long time, a lot of work, a lot of money, and a lot of horse trading to get where it is currently at for sure. I tend to overdue things when I get into them, my motto has always been "if it is worth doing, it is worth overdoing", and this is overdone lol. We are getting close now and it is starting to feel like it. I could have easily purchased a newer more expensive boat but it probably wouldn't have been exactly what I wanted in some way or another, this boat has been worked to the point that I literally ran out of ideas to change things. Now, I have a boat that has been built to my exact liking from tip to tail and down to the smallest detail (I would have never been able to get that in a standard production boat. Still plugging away at it, getting closer!! Here are a few pics of the console and a few more of the boat.
  7. Ok, so the boat has returned to us from the 1st painter... Everything appears to be good except for maybe 2 small spots that he needs to fix but I'm just happy to have it back now to get the rest of the work done. The console looks amazing, no more screw heads everywhere, reinforced and sturdy, and bright white. The helm side of the console will be 1 solid piece of black acrylic that has been molded to fit the contours perfectly, it should look pretty good when wrapped up... Currently we are wrapping up the hardtop, we had to bore holes to run the wires thru it because apparently the new hardtop I purchased was not constructed the same way as the others that I saw in the store, this one has a full honeycomb coring with no way to pull wires.... I purchased an electricians drill bit and bored the holes and then Joey cut a piece out of the center to run 1/2 PVC conduit so we can hide everything. We still have to give the spreader lights the proper angle before buttoning the hardtop up but all in all I would say it should be mostly wrapped up by next week. Hopefully shortly after the hardtop is finished up and faired out we can get the Alexseal painted on the hull and underside of the top... Lauderdale Blue here we come!!! I am hoping this will take place within the next month. And yes, the boat is going to Texas for the electronics fit and install, for most people that seems crazy but I move boats for a living so I will make it line me up for a job so it was like I was traveling out there for work anywyas. This also includes the primary wiring for the boat as well. I also have a sound syste getting installed out there at the same time, I can't say much about that right at this point becuase it is a worked out deal with a company based out there but it will be nice and after it is done everyone will know who did it... Texas is because this work was all bartered and I am getting a few decent deals on equipment as well... But attached are a few pics of the recent progress, hopefully things will roll faster now but we shall see.
  8. I haven't posted in a long time but some progress has been made... Updates are below... The painter has taken 8 weeks and I had to point out some things that needed to be fixed before I will accept the job... (this is everything above the rubrail, bow areas, hatches, new glass work, console, etc). Hardtop is coming along ng with the recessed nav amd spreader lights in the edges... Joey put in some serious time on these and knocked it outa the park... we had to get creative for running the wires since this hardtop was not built with a cavity like the others made from the se mold, this took more work to make it happen... As soon as the boat gets back from the first painter it goes into the next paint shop for the Lauderdale Blue Alexseal paint job. We have decided to use colored epoxy inside the fish boxes, livewell, and inside the bildge since it will hold up to the constant wetness of these areas... We still have to bore thru the hull to add some scuppers, i think I have a decent idea to allow is to move a lot of water out now (rectangular flaps and 4 2in holes)... So after all of this is wrapped up it looks like I will be having the black acrylic for the console molded to fit the contour using 1 piece. Then off to Texas for the electronics package install, GatorStep decking installed, and working on the sound system which is going to be be final touches. Pics will be added soon...
  9. From Homestead to Naples is probably around 120 miles or so. Currently it is in Marco Island as of today for the paint shop to get all the white laid down. They think they will have it for about 2 weeks, as soon as this gets wrapped up it comes back and then we will be fairing and sanding the hull in preps to lay down the Alexseal Lauderdale Blue paint... I'm guessing before the end of July we will have all the paint wrapped up... I am sitting at 2yrs right now, and it feel like it has been forever, but now it is feeling pretty good to know that we are not far from seeing the results of the hard work. We have changed so much, this boat is going to be a totally different ride than it ever was before. The first sea trail should only be a few months away at now...
  10. I was thinking of wedges myself, Joey said he came up with the plan to get the correct angle. Basically he is going to recess the lights and angle them at what he thinks looks right. Then he will coat the lights with tape and PVA then use cabosil and epoxy to form the angle. Then fair and finish... I plan to do some offshore and intercoastal fishing and playing. The Admiral likes random beaches but also loves to fish so I am in luck there. Today I received notification that the boat leaves for the paint shop on this coming Wednesday... This will be all of the topside above the rubrail finish. I can't wait to see it in person... Once the boat comes back into the shop we are laying out the Alexseal hull paint. The bow rail is getting cut down now as well so that should be wrapped up around the same time as the boat is finished with fhe topside paint. Gettin closer.
  11. I am planning to install some Rupp outrigger bases, the ones I looked at have a crank and can go out to any angle and stop in place... I saw a product on one of my customer's boats made by Gemlux, basically it is a sunshade that clips to outriggers, however they are not actually the outriggers they are a separate system. I feel confident that I can do the exact ae thing by using my outriggers with the fully adjustable Rupp bases and have the canvass shop build me a nice shade... I think it will work... Joey was starting to cut the recesses into the hardtop for the spreader and deck lights today, he said it has been more difficult than he originally thought due to the angles. He is leaving the nav lights for last, we agreed that this is the price for being special lol... he has to build out a bit of glass in order to get the proper angle, however they look pretty nice... 2 on the back and 2 on the rear sides of hardtop is the plan... These are made by Lumitec.
  12. Thanks for the compliment, according to Joey the pics don't do it justice. I really love the style and super excited to get it into the boat. I am really excited to see it myself but unfortunately I am sitting about 1hr away from the boat but I have to get unloaded in the morning then slide down to the Keys prior to 4pm, so... I guess I won't get a peak at it for another week or 2... But when I lay my eyes on it, it should almost be ready to install in the boat along with the console, ebox, and ready for business... Thankfully he already took care of that for us... He actually takes a piece of string with a tab of tap on the end of it and then uses a vacuum to draw it thru... I wish I had thought of that method years ago when I was rewiring a t top...
  13. Completed pipework is now back at the boat for fit and finish. Looks pretty sharp I think. Joey is working on recession the lights tomorrow, so we are getting close to being ready to mount this on the boat with the console. The e box is also there at Joey's but I haven't seen it all together just yet, from what I hear it looks pretty amazing... Still waiting on the painter to get this in the shop, maybe another 2 weeks or so I'd guess. This is all I have for now.... I will report back with updates soon..
  14. Lol, the last deal made is a pretty good story actually, since completed I will definitely share those details. Working around this industry helps for sure, but it also gets costly since I get a good idea of all the latest and greatest gadgets and such that are on the market. I just have to remember I'm not one of the millionaires that I do business with.
  15. All of the fiberglass work is complete... We ended up contracting the painter for the topside since there was so much work to be done and I was offered a deal... the paint should be completed in the new 2-3 weeks. In the meantime, Ryan from Tip Top pipe welding has done some incredible work, take notice the grab handles on this beauty. It gets 1 more rod holder in the center but other than that it is pretty close to being wrapped up. We are still waiting on the e box to arrive but that will complete this part. The bow rail will be his next project. A few more weeks still....
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