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  1. I was thinking of wedges myself, Joey said he came up with the plan to get the correct angle. Basically he is going to recess the lights and angle them at what he thinks looks right. Then he will coat the lights with tape and PVA then use cabosil and epoxy to form the angle. Then fair and finish... I plan to do some offshore and intercoastal fishing and playing. The Admiral likes random beaches but also loves to fish so I am in luck there. Today I received notification that the boat leaves for the paint shop on this coming Wednesday... This will be all of the topside a
  2. I am planning to install some Rupp outrigger bases, the ones I looked at have a crank and can go out to any angle and stop in place... I saw a product on one of my customer's boats made by Gemlux, basically it is a sunshade that clips to outriggers, however they are not actually the outriggers they are a separate system. I feel confident that I can do the exact ae thing by using my outriggers with the fully adjustable Rupp bases and have the canvass shop build me a nice shade... I think it will work... Joey was starting to cut the recesses into the hardtop for the spreader and dec
  3. Thanks for the compliment, according to Joey the pics don't do it justice. I really love the style and super excited to get it into the boat. I am really excited to see it myself but unfortunately I am sitting about 1hr away from the boat but I have to get unloaded in the morning then slide down to the Keys prior to 4pm, so... I guess I won't get a peak at it for another week or 2... But when I lay my eyes on it, it should almost be ready to install in the boat along with the console, ebox, and ready for business... Thankfully he already took care of that for us... He actually take
  4. Completed pipework is now back at the boat for fit and finish. Looks pretty sharp I think. Joey is working on recession the lights tomorrow, so we are getting close to being ready to mount this on the boat with the console. The e box is also there at Joey's but I haven't seen it all together just yet, from what I hear it looks pretty amazing... Still waiting on the painter to get this in the shop, maybe another 2 weeks or so I'd guess. This is all I have for now.... I will report back with updates soon..
  5. Lol, the last deal made is a pretty good story actually, since completed I will definitely share those details. Working around this industry helps for sure, but it also gets costly since I get a good idea of all the latest and greatest gadgets and such that are on the market. I just have to remember I'm not one of the millionaires that I do business with.
  6. All of the fiberglass work is complete... We ended up contracting the painter for the topside since there was so much work to be done and I was offered a deal... the paint should be completed in the new 2-3 weeks. In the meantime, Ryan from Tip Top pipe welding has done some incredible work, take notice the grab handles on this beauty. It gets 1 more rod holder in the center but other than that it is pretty close to being wrapped up. We are still waiting on the e box to arrive but that will complete this part. The bow rail will be his next project. A few more weeks st
  7. I was down on the boat some today, the console is getting wrapped up and around the base has been recored now, just some body work left there... All major fiberglass work is now complete. Waiting to fair and finish the white areas... The hardtop still needs to have the lights cut in and finished. Other than this there really hasn't been anything new happening here. I will post some pics soon...
  8. Slow week, nothing really done except for glassing in a few remaining seams on transom cap area... Joey is working on the console now to reinforce a few areas and to replace the shelving with Coosa. That all should be wrapped up by the end of the week. Still waiting for the hardtop to make it back to us so we can get the nav lights and spreader lights recessed into the edges. The all we have is body work and painting. I mentioned that Alexseal has offered Joey a few day seminar so he will be attending this the first week of June, when he is done our plan is to start ge
  9. Yes, 2yrs... Time has flown by... we have around 1600 pics that we have taken along the way.... You really have to stand on and jump on the boat to really understand just how much stronger it is now, it feels like an entirely different boat... stronger and lighter at the same time... Scuppergate will continue for a while longer I think... The one thing I can say is that now the boat rides much higher in the water than before so it can take on a lot more weight and water than it could have before so this opens a lot of options... I have had other boats in the past that h
  10. Still thinking on the scuppers...We have had some pretty in depth discussions about the scuppers, their size, their height, head pressure of water, and the theory of everything... We are still all over the board but leaning towards installing 4 scuppers.... I could actually go on for a 3 page essay to how we got there but to be continued... The final "big" glass work was wrapped up today... Joey tied the cap and deck together from both sides and glassed in the blanks in the corners... he said it feels a lot more solid now walking on it... The final layers of glass were added to th
  11. We were discussing these options and came to about the same conclusions... easiest way would be thru the side of the hull, I don't like the aesthetics of that idea though.... I think the best and cleanest way would be thru the transom, using grates on the inside and having a fiberglass tube for the drain... I have also considered running 4 larger round scuppers thru the transom and trying them in to a larger floor drain... This would probably be easier and look clean... None of these ways will be fun....
  12. I looked at some scupper options today... I must say it is not going to be fun trying to cut out the rectangular scuppers out of a 4+ in transom... But, I think you guys are spot on, we need to be able to bail water put fast if we take a large wave over the bow... no biggie, we will figure this out though... I took some pics of the inner transom now that it is closing in... It will be fully glassed in later this week. Walking on the transom cap now feels like walking on concrete, super strong!!! We have decided to glass the back of the cabin to the deck and make a nice
  13. Forgot to answer this question... Yes, there is nonskid already on the bracket but when GatorStep does their thing it will have even better traction... Ah, that is a great idea, I think there is plenty of room in there for that actually... I like it....
  14. Definitely sits high in the water, if me and Ryan were able to stand on the bracket as we were floating it barely moved any deeper, even when I walked to the far side the platform didn't go under at all. That is not a bad idea on the scuppers, I need to measure the deck height vs the bracket height... I actually wouldn't mind having some rectangular ones above the bracket if possible, if not i will go right below the bracket. Currently i had 2 2in scuppers but it definitely makes sense to have larger ones... There is a hole in the gutter on the of the deck hatch, but no
  15. The inner transom is all closed in now, it will be getting a few layers of glass this week and all grabbed in ready for prep and paint. Since the boat now rides much higher in the stern I can comfortably install the sink style drains in the corners of the deck and come out the scuppers sitting below the bracket, I am so happy about this because I think it will give it a very clean look. We are also planning to tue in the front cabin cap area to the deck so we don't end up with trim molding around there to hide the gap. The console has now all been stripped down to it's bare sta
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