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  1. That looks very good! Is that a 300 yamaha?
  2. Hello everybody, I have been looking on the forum and i found this post from 2011; http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=4258&hl=2140&page=1 It looks beautifull i really like it, now my qeustion is if i would do partly the same would it be possible to put on a twin 225 mercury optimax? With in mind the transom would be more tough. Im not sure if the hull is created for a twin rig. Thanks in advance
  3. Hello everybody, So i have been searching for the second number inside the cabin wasnt able to find anything. Today was a nice today so i took her for a ride! Still dissapointed i coudnt find the number. Oh wel the boat will never be sold thats not the problem im just curious what happened with it. I found someone in the netherlands who is selling one i might go have a look what his typ plate says... im gonna make another post got some more qeustions regarding the boat thanks
  4. Ok thanks! Now im so curious i might check it out tonight after work and stop by at the storage
  5. Hi! This weekend im gonna visit the boat in storage. I can take some measurments and photo's if u like? In here we measure with centimeters, which one do you prefer? Greetings. EDIT: didnt see the date of this post sorry.
  6. Ok this is a try i hope this works YES it worked, photo 1 is on his side but you get the picture
  7. Hello, Cool story maybe a very good find for not too much money. Goodluck!
  8. Hello, Thanks for the quick response! I will upload the pictures tonight, i have found the number in the transom (right side) but here it gets sketchy they drilled a hole for cables where the kicker outboard was placed right trough the serial number! Starting to get the idea this boat has a rich history... to be continued. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello, Im almost 100% sure this is a robalo. But since i bought it almost 10 years ago i believed it was a seacraft beqause the stickers were on it and a typ plate which i will post in the photo's. I had so many trys finding info on the boat and when i almost gave up i saw a fellow robalo i am so happy! It was exactly the same and not a seacraft ofcourse. i hope the photos give more info did Robalo work together with seacraft? Or did the previous owner play a trick? It says it was manufactured by seacraft in Yugoslavia Next qeustion is what is the maximum HP the boat can handle? I am intrested in a mercury 400R but im not sure if the transom can handle it. Thanks in advance, Roy Visser. (again sorry for my broken english i try it 10/10 ) What i find very suspecting is that the old motor mount was bored right trough the serial number of the boat, cant be a coincidence..
  10. Hello fellow members, My name is Roy i live in Amsterdam. Got my own contruction company and i own a 19**? robalo 2140 with a 300 hp suzuki 4stroke from 2007. I am very glad that i finnaly found out the brand of the boat beqause when i bought it it was sold as seacraft and it even had stickers and a typ plate from seacraft. This is one of the reasons i created an account i have a few qeustions regarding the boat beqause im stunned why it has serials named by seacraft. Further its an amazing boat very strong stable and hell a lot fun when hopping on the water. Anyway i wanted to use this page to introduce myself and i hope we can share a lot of info pictures and fun stories. Gonna upload some photos now to share the seacraft story. Greetings Roy. (sorry for my broken english hope its clear enough)
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