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  1. We thought maybe the water in the bilge was entering in from the drain plate. So we took it off to reseal it. Then we noticed the water coming out of the screw holes. Then we wanted to know where that water is coming from. That we don't know. Is it a bad sign to have that water weeping from the screw holes? And is it OK to reseal it and put the screws back in when the holes for the screws are still wet? We tried the hose in the fishbox and the water didn't drain. It just clogged up and we had to bail it out. The manual we have does not show where a macerator pump is. Thanks for your help
  2. We have a 1999 1920 Center console we bought less than a year ago. There is water in the bilge after we take the boat out. We took off the drain plug plate and water is dripping out of the holes. My boys are trying to work on the boat. What do they do now? Can we just put the screws back in and seal it all up with 4200? We have let it sit for a couple of weeks but the holes are still wet. Another question we have is that the fishbox in the front does not drain. Is there a pump somewhere that may be clogged? Any suggestions on fixing this problem would be great. Thanks, Kathy (mom who got bo
  3. I see the 1999 19' I may purchase on Monday is in the Brunswick era. Is this ok? Are the other years better? The boat looks nice, but how was the construction at that time? Anyone know?
  4. I am looking at a 1999 19'CC Robalo for my 16 year old son, whose passion is ocean fishing! Can anyone please advise me if this is a good boat? It has a 125 hp Mercury outboard. Do you know of any problems with this model and year? I need the boat to be stable and reliable for my son. He will be responsible for the costs of maintaining it, so we need a boat that will not have too many problems and too many expensive repairs ahead. This is about the newest year boat I can afford to buy. If you have this boat, do you like it? Problems? Any information on this year and model, comments or advice i
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