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  1. Help me with this number if you would please. SLK 175950480 says AMF Robalo on side , says 200 at helm , seems like April 1980 build, however Slikcraft prefix????
  2. Well, here we go. I'm already confused. I inspected the boat for obvious signs of rot, looked good, felt good. Transom seemed good. However, The numbers on the transom went like this: SLK1759 0480 ,so, according to my research, SLK is a fairly new builder in NH, then further research brought me to it being a Slickcraft, however,the last 4 digits would indicate an April 1980 build date. Decals on boat side say AMF Robalo and helm has 200 on it. AMF ownership is RA something maybe L then Robalo was ROB one ended 03-31-81 one started 01-27-80 and no sign of SLK anywhere. If there is to be anythin
  3. My name is Mike, my handle is 'Bronk" I'm a retired off shore commercial fisherman from New England living in Florida on a barrier island on the east coast. Never had any desire to fish for fun or recreation nor did I have any desire to get on a boat for fun after all those long and ominous days at sea. Well, here we are, personal craft and fishing gear for pleasure. How things change as we get older. Waiting to pick up a 1980 Robalo 200 cc with a 140 Johnson EVR Looked sea worthy to me. So, I'm happy to be here, glad you all are here ,cause I'm gonna need a little help. I know nothing
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