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  1. SOLD -- OK couldn't wait until this got fixed so went and got another one, season is just 2 short, so this one is up for sale .... 1993 Robalo 2440 walkaround, good shape twin 2000, 200 hp mercury efi engines one counter rotating, stainless props. 2 five foot fish boxes, live well, salt water washdown, transom fresh water shower, sink, ice box, flushing toilet with holding tank and new macerator pump, lots of rod storage, hard top with rocket launchers and flood lights, 3/4 enclosure (no back curtain), 2 tuna gunnel holders, 2 regular gunnel holders, outriggers (weren't on in the pictures), gpsmap162 mapping plotter, furuno gp31 gps for back up, icom vhf, furuno ls6100 fishfinder. New batteries, new auto bilge pump, new bilge pump with float, new through hull fittings with shutoffs. Picture show an old radar dome it quit so just installed brand new Furuno 1623 Radar. Two axle trailer, electric brakes. Currently starboard motor has blown powerhead, but is in shop being replaced, so comes with new powerhead on starboard motor. Anchor, couple of life jackets, extinguishers, flares etc $12000 -- SOLD
  2. Actually it was Mercury that said to do the premix, design flaw with a plastic part in the oil pump, brilliant engineering, it melts! So at least maybe i'll be able to keep a powerhead in this thing ...
  3. Still waiting on boat mercury is rebuilding it, but now they are saying disconnect the oil injection and put the oil in the gas tank. Anyone ever hear of that solution before?
  4. Thank you mrrobalo! and was it a holiday inn express, I hope!
  5. I know the ignition was changed, not sure on the EFI, but I will ask, and in saying that I know that the engine has a setting for high and low on the timing and they had a tough time with the high speed timing so that really sounds like a possibility, and I do have twins and it has been the same motor so that is a possibility also, Will ask them to check and thanks to you both!
  6. Hi there this is a repost on a lost one, been through three powerheads in about 80 hours of runtime, driving me crazy, and that is at a mercury certified mechanic. Before the sat post disappeared someone had asked me if it was the same cylinder, but no first number three then number 6 and this time 0 comp on 4 and 25# on 2. Just wondering if anyone has an idea that I can put into the mechanics head 2000 merc 200 efi's Thanks!!
  7. Have the same problem and I have been chasing it for a year, mine is the opposite though standard rotation on my starboard does it and the port counter does not. If you figure it out please let me know, and thanks for answering a lot of my other questions!
  8. What shaft length should I have on this boat, 25" or 30"? Thanks!
  9. Thanks to you all, seems like the engines are mounted to high from all the feedback, so guess i'll take a w/e off fishing and get them slid down some. Again thanks to everyone!
  10. Thanks Steve, really what I am zeroing in on, looks like I have one more hole on the plate to go down and will do that, I appreciate everyone's help and comments!
  11. That one is sitting in Tokyo somewhere already, but my fuel for the summer is paid for!
  12. Good day! Perfect weather, (not today yesterday) up on a kite with a pogie on as bait in and out of the water, new style to me but worked like a champ. Southwest stellwagen, followed out looking for feeding humpback whales, motored up cut the engines sent out kite line and the 80 weights attached don to the pogies, And as a bonus while waiting pulled in a couple of 40 pound stripers from the bottom jigging no less! Bluefin at 75 inches 223 lbs.
  13. Looks like a great day and certainly a great haul!
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    kevin's 2440

  15. Thanks Steve! I will get a prop cross reference, but it looks like I will lower my motors and switch to a 19 pitch! Kevin
  16. Hi all, Wondering what anyone with a twin setup is running for props. Also wondering how far your cavitation plates are from either the top of the transom or above the keel, I am having real cavitation problems and I am sure it's my set-up. Thanks, Kevin
  17. OK a couple of photos finally, looks like top plate is above bottom of the boat, also pics of the props. One more thing I hadn't actually looked at the props, took the last owners words as gospel they are actually 15.5 x 17 pitch.
  18. I have twins but my boat leaned port anyways even when it was floating at rest. Found that once I added fresh water and pumped the waste it got a little better, but still listed. Found that the bilge in rear on port side was full in the little compartment where my seacocks are, there was no way for it to get out to the main bilge, drilled a hole threw in a piece of resined pipe in the hole and it does not list so badly at rest.
  19. 28 inch, 2 per fisherman .....
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    Stripers and the blues
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    From the album: kevin's 2440

  22. Finally a decent trip, was getting sick of the ones keeper trips .... Just off Graves light outside Boston Harbor ...
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