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    WTB: Robalo 2140

    hi my name is Dan. I am in CA. i am willing to to travel for the right boat. i am looking for a good condition 2140, 4 stroke is a plus. Please let me know or point me the right direction. i am really appreciated. thanks Dan
  2. I am in progress to purchase 97 robalo 2140 from Melbourne, FL. By the way, I am from CA. A little bit about the boat, she have been keeping in Bluepoint Marina, where is inside storage. the is in the good shape, well maintained. the only problem is the boat does not have trailer. i am on the market for trailer around the area, i found some used trailers seems to be in good condition, but i could not do inspection in person. The boat will have to travel 2500 miles. i am using uship, i have received some quote for trailering around 1600usd and without the trailer is about double the price. ther
  3. 2-N-Tow. I got 24mph from gps with 3500 rpm. I did a test run for almost 2 hrs. With seasfoam to clean the engine after 1 year of sitting in my garage. I will run another sea trail this weekend if weather permitted. So far i am really happy with r2160. I am thinking to close the transom like your. I like the way you boat set up, bery nice work. Attaching in this post is my bait tank set up.
  4. The bait tank has mounted, i will take some picture soon. I am thinking about to make custom hanger for live well pump, just hang it on the transom. Mr Robalo, i have seen the rule bracket, but it did not get my attention because it looks cheap and made by plastic. 2-N-tow, i am going with the your route. Thanks By the way, i did sea trail yesterday with 92 yamaha 200hp, i am using 14-1/4 19" pitch. I ran 3500 rpm,got 24mph. Is it sound correct? What is the sweet spot on speed for r2160 hull in term of stability and lowest drag. I feel 200hp is not enough. I am tatolly new to Robalo, thank
  5. I will use this as bait tank, permanently mount on the boat, i am trying to avoid drill a hole on the hull.
  6. thank you so much 2-N-TOW. I have another question, where do you mount the bilge pump. Do i need to drill thru hull hole for bait tank? Thanks
  7. recently, i just got my 2160. Please show me how your live well set up. i do not know if i should use the storage as a bait tank or built a new tank. i will try to upload the picture ASAP. i would like to see your set up. any input will be appreciated. Thanks
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