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  1. I gotta check that out. Thank you!
  2. While I am looking at the anchor locker and its issues, what the heck is this thing that goes from the top down into the anchor locker? What is its purpose?
  3. OK, get what you are saying. One concern I have if I just patch it temporarily is that I can continue to get moisture into the wood and cause further damage. Yiur solution fixes that.. The wood appears to be dry at the moment, the boat has been stored inside all Winter. I have plastic board, some kind of white marine plastic, that's about a 1/2 inch thick, I could use that and bed it in if you think that might work . I am a firm believer in using what I have on hand when feasable.
  4. I was afraid you were going to say that!😝 Thanks for the advice. That will have to be a project for down the road, no time now. I will put some extra backing, maybe a small steel plate as a washer on the inside to get me thru the season.
  5. OK, I pulled things apart and looked at it. It does appear that there is wood in between the fibreglass. I know this boat got yanked around hard in hurricane Sandy. I wonder if that did the damage then.. I have the hole open, letting things air out. Wondering if a little bit of fibreglass in there to build it backup would help. It won't look pretty it's a tight spot and I'm not very good at it.😆😆
  6. Thanks!! I'll post a pick when done, but it won't be for a while.
  7. It seems there are two layers of glass with part of the inside layer missing. I will pull it and clean it up.
  8. I have a new motor for the windlass ordered, so I'll drop that back in asap and get up n running. Regarding the pulpit I like the fibreglass idea, but I am not too good at making it look nice. So I am considering a slab of white oak heartwood. At 1.5 in thick, 12 in wide it would be very strong. White oak heartwood is naturally rot resistant. If I coat it with spar varnish it should last longer than me and not bust my boat fund like teak would. Especially since the boat spends most of the time under a shed. Thoughts??
  9. Looks great!!😃😃
  10. Looking over my new to me 1988 2160. I pulled all the anchor rope out of the locker and noticed the tie off looks sunken in to the nose of the boat. Went to the outside and looked at the front of it, the winch attachment, is pulled out a bit. Hmmmm. How worried should I be and what would be a simple fix?
  11. Thanks!! It will probably end up being a winter project. I am trying to plan ahead. Bob
  12. Bolted. I saw a post about coosa board and alexseal. I wonder what might be cheaper, aluminium or the other. It's dark. I just got the one pic.
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