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  1. I have a 1993 135hp Mercury Blackmax on my 1820cc....lately I have had issues with the oil injection system alarm and haven't even ran the motor or boat because I'm not sure exactly what's wrong and don't want to damage anything...had the boat two years and no issues Pryor with the system...I am hearing that I should just do away with system and premix as the motor is older and also for peace of mind....my questions are is that a good idea if the system isn't really bad? Also if I choose to just premix,what is the best way or what do I have to do in order to remove system in a way that It cou
  2. Hi,sounds good mrrobalo. thanks so much....I am gonna try and see what happens and get back to you...that sounds like and is probabaly my issue lol.so much appreciated and I will let you know.thanks again
  3. Sounds good and thanks so much 2ntow and rotowrench I'm gonna start thier and replace the hatches period...they are original pry in and out now and I am thinking screw in may be better.also my hardboard drain is only a year or two old and was done with 5200....I also replaced scuppers with ball type about a year ago cause the old ones were bad.....still trying to figure out why my scupper placement and transom is different from other boats the same year and model,who knows lol...so It should be good...the only other culprits I'm hoping could be the thru hull fittings for the live well and raw
  4. Thanks tiburon....that's what I am gonna do,test both things and see what I come up with.as long as I can find the issue and replace it will be good to go...not sure what you mean by putting the batteries in series,all I know is 1 for dual purpose,2 for starting and all for batteries in parallel and charging both I think....still not sure if on 2 the starting when running charges both or not really but thanks so much for the advice and details,I couldn't appreciate it more and will check it out.thanks again👍🏻
  5. Hey 2-n-tow that definately could be it I will check that out and test to see what I can come up with.similar problems def could mean similar issue....thanks as always for your help👍🏻
  6. Hi mrrobalo,no this is only my second year as a boat owner and I am slowly working out all bugs and as much as I can so when I go fishing I'm less likely do have any issues...I have changed nothing with wiring except my bilge and float switch as it was running direct to battery and draining it while boat was not being used..so I ran direct to common on perko as directed by a local mechanic I know...solved that problem and I have installed a new starter and starter solenoid recently but that's it...ok I will do just that and compare,tha is so much as always I will let know what I come up with👍🏻
  7. Thanks again Scott I thought it should start on that battery.also cool I didn't know that,makes sense....mines is a 1992 and 2 is my starting battery.I'm sure somone else will also,thanks so much for all your help and that fact I did not know👍🏻
  8. Scott I do have a multimeter and every time I check starting battery it is over 12. I usually do start and run on all and when I get a chance to fish at a location I will use my 1 battery which is my dual purpose...but if I drain my dual purpose by accident or something shouldnt I be able to start on 2 battery just the starting battery and not start in all because of the drained dual purpose battery?So seems ok but I am gonna take it to autozone and check.Thanks so much and please let me know when you can if any other ideas of what else it may be.thanks again
  9. Hi I am trying to figure out what this beeping alarm is for,what it means?I have a video from yesterday.its a 1992 1820cc with a 135hp Mercury Blackmax and I took it for like an hour ride for the first time in like 3weeks or better and it ran great and thank goodness but rite as I pulled up to the dock it started beeping.so I was good their,very lucky.so I shut off and am trying to fix issue before I finally try to fish on it...beeping was coming from I believe this little alarm under my center console,will post pic of it as well.kf anyone can help me or explain and send some advice my way,It
  10. Hi all...I have a dual battery setup with perko and I am trying to figure out what would cause the problem I'm about to explain?...my outboard will not start with perko on 2 for battery 2 which is the starting battery but will start on all...on 2 the starter bendix will not even jump up but on all it starts first try np.not understanding why or what could be causing this.i have just put in a brand new arco starter because I was having starting problems overall and I am installing a brand new starter solenoid tomorrow.i have also recently wire brushed cleaned and sprayed protectant on all bat
  11. Hi all....having a little trouble with water in the boat.i have taken only rides so far and intend to fish one day soon lol...I made sure no water was in the bilge are before plugging and leaving.took about an hour ride through bay and canal and got back to dock.flipped bilge switch and nothing so pulled boat out and removed drain plug and a good amount of water came out.i have pics of,sorry green tote was all I had.is this normal I mean I would like to come back and nothing come out is my goal.im worried because if that was a ride and that much water for in somehow what will happen when I fis
  12. Ok rotowrench will try to clear between compartments. I'm gonna try anything and everything lol....I have so many questions I would like to ask since we have the same boats so hopefully I don't bother you to much but gonna be needing some guidance on many things and hopefully I can get thru it and make my boat as nice as yours..thanks as always.
  13. Thanks 519 I will get some and give that a try...
  14. Cool, thanks so much rotowrench....exactly what I was wondering.for some reason the port side isn't draining and neither is the starboard via the thru hull on the starboard side....so gonna have to figure that out,tried a water hose and no luck so...thanks so much I really appreciate it as I am trying to figure out and redo or fix so many things on the boat and learn at the same time lol.so every little bit helps and is much appreciated.
  15. That's a good question and I'm gonna have to take we out and drain into a bucket and see exactly how much does come out....I will let u know ASAP when I get a chance to do so.as far as the scuppers drains it has me a lil worried to be honest.as this is my first boat I never noticed or caught on that my layout and setup was different than others until I started seeing more like mine after I got it,figures.i hope it doesn't affect anything or take away as I love the boat and did intend to keep it and fix her up as much as possible...winder if their is a way I can find out anything else about it
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