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  1. Hey Landlubber thanks and yeah rockledge isn't far at all! well have to hook up on the water one day!
  2. what is needed for one to do this. I have a boat and Im in the military so this is near and dear to my heart! Is there a web page for this?
  3. Thanks guys! got some picture posted up of my past fishing trip this Saturday out near Sebastian Inlet! God fishing,Dolphin were caught in 45ft of water about 4 miles out FYI !!!
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    Blue Life

  5. Hey everyone! I am a new owner of a 99 Robalo 2120 in Cocoa FL! I am in the Air Force Reserve so I am here in Cocoa for the long haul! I love this boat and my new hobby! Look forward to learning about the boat and possibly meeting up on the water if you are around the area! Once I figure out how to post pictures I'll get them up soon! First "big" boat so I am kind of new to this. But been offshore caught some dolphin and kings and had some good times already but love to get advise and pointers on boating and fishing! :wave:
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