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  1. Name: Don Location: Covington , Louisiana Year: 1975 Model: R-236 Power: 2015 - Yamaha 200 Four Stroke Picture of hull id number: SLK 980 51 0875 Picture of boat capacity plate: Original Pic attached but weathered Pictures of boat: See Attached
  2. Nice .... Thanks !! Hope we get a Lot of Responses !!
  3. 10-4 That's the part I'm Not good at !! Don
  4. OK Two N Tow, See What you think ? Don- "The Dr. Ann" **** News Flash **** We are adding a New section to the FORUM'S page ! Many of us enjoy our Older boats and wonder just how many of these Older Robalo's are still around. We would like ALL of our members to go to this page under the Forum's heading ; Robalo Boat Registry Member's boat information to see what older boats are still on the water and Fill Out the Information section listed and attach a pic of your Boat whether running or in restoration . This list will be com
  5. Sure , I'll see what I can do.................... Don "The Dr. Ann" R-236
  6. Looks GREAT now and I think they are in the proper locations to be seen now ! THANKS for doing the work for ALL of us to enjoy ! Don
  7. Ha Ha ... Don't fret ! I have the same problem !! Especially if I'm typing a Text Msg. on the phone.... Small keyboard and LARGE fingers , damn phone don't seem to cooperate !! Got a mind of it's own !! They don't make these new fangled devices for Older people................. The letters keep getting smaller and the eyesight keeps getting worse !! :(( Don "The Dr. Ann"
  8. Looks Good , I only see 1 thing that needs to be corrected and 1 thing you might want to consider changing.... In your first sentence end ,of sentence says ; still on the water and where are you. ( Shouldn't this be - and where you are located ) The other thing I thought is ; The Registry seems like it should be listed right under the Introduction section, I kinda feel that since you have to page down to the bottom of that listing section, a New Member probably wouldn't see it readily. ?? Don ( The Dr. Ann R-236)
  9. That sounds pretty good to me ! Is there a way to send a general message to all members , that this page is being added and where to find it ? I think that might spark some to search it out an fill it in.... ? Should be very interesting to see just how many and what models are still out there performing for people ! Don "The Dr. Ann" R-236
  10. Two N Tow, If it's the Boat Porn , is there something there that Tells people what Information to List with a pic of their boat ? I look at is as just a place for people to show pics of their boat. I think the info we would be interested in would be ; 1) pic of boat 2) Model # & Year built 3) Location of boat (State or Country) That would give us a listing of where these Old boats are and which Models they are. Lets see what Mr.Robalo thinks about that. Dr. Ann R-236
  11. Sounds like a plan , but we would need to somehow tell everybody where its at and what it's there for and what info we would like them to enter. Can that be done on the site ? The Dr. Ann
  12. Great Info as usual Mr. Robalo ! Now, if we could just get members to send in they're boat info , we could start a special page an begin to see jus how many are out there and if they are being used or restored and where they are located ! Come on guys, it's too cold to do anything outside, let's get this list going ..... The Dr Ann R-236 (1975) Working on Year # 46 ...... How many other Brand's can say that !!
  13. Hey Geerhound, I just replied 2/1/21 to someone asking about my transom project . The heading is ; Transom Re-Coring Project asboats2002 replied to asboats2002's topic in General Repairs & Upgrades All the pics are still attached if you want to check it out. Don "Dr. Ann 236"
  14. Sorry, I hadn't been on for a while, to see your post. I hope your project came out OK. The Carbon Core was very very easy to use and yes we mixed it in the 5 gal bucket and poured it in using a smaller easier to handle bucket. Mix it like they tell you an you have plenty enough time to work with it. Made the wood funnel you see in the pics that tapered an fit right into the 1 1/2" cut out. Product flowed easily into the whole transom. Don "The Dr. Ann 236
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