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  1. Can anyone best advise the best way to access and remove all the foam from a 20' Robalo that I recently acquired. I have reason to believe the foam is wet and needs to be removed. The boat seems to have a sub-floor underneath the deck. It also has a wiring conduit that runs along the starboard side. My gut is telling me to cut it completely all out and just go to town but you all have a ton more experience and maybe it is wasteful and not necessary to remove all the sub flooring? I have included a short video for you to view. Please let me know if you have any questions. The transom was recently rebuilt so that is good. IMG_2319.mov
  2. Hey All, Restored and started fishing my 1983 1820 Robalo and i'm wondering if the forward fish boxes are insulated? I'm thinking no but I would like confirmation. I would like fill it with ice but somehow I don't think it'll last more than a coupe/few hours. How are you guys keeping ice on the boat?
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. I'm a little worried that my foam might be saturated. Oh well, it's a project and I will have to inspect and probably replace the fuel tank so hopefully i'll have access to the foam when I pull the hatch off. I want to be able to run a 20-23 gallon bait tank so having the waterline as low as possible to compensate for the added bait tank water weight is ideal.
  4. Hello All, My 1820 Robalo project has gotten started. I had to put the boat into the water for a little while I upgraded the trailer to a galvanized unit. In any case, I put the garboard plug on the boat and launched it. While I was working on my trailer my son and uncle that was helping me ran over and told me I had water in the boat. So I went to take a look and saw that my scupper drains were about 2-3 inches below the waterline and the transom well was full of water. I didn't think anything of it until I started doing more searches here on this great site. Questions, is this normal? I understand that I should upgrade to the ping pong scupper drain. But should I be overly concerned about water logged foam? It looks like i'm going to be opening the fuel tank coffin in the next couple months and wanted to see which method was the best to remove it if indeed I did have waterlogged foam. When I pulled the drain after retrieving the boat, very little water drained from the plug. Every other boat i've owned that had scuppers, most of them were above the water line. So this has me a little concerned. I also do not have a rear fish box. Only 2 up front on the forward step deck. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hey All, I just picked up a project 1983 Robalo 18' Center Console and was hoping to get specs on the hull. The HULL ID is: RALAF312M83C Any info you could provide would be great. It's got a 120hp Evinrude Johnson V4 that I don't know the year it was made. The motor is not currently running although I did see the previous owner start it up in full throttle, it just wouldn't idle. So i'm going to have to order a service manual for it. It's got 2 fish holds up on the forward step deck. It has 2 batteries, one on each side of the stern. Anyone know how many gallons of fuel this boat held? The deck seems to be fine. Were these boats foam filled back in 1983? Thanks in advance. Erik
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