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  1. this help? I don't have one now, but used on past boat and it worked great. https://www.boatoutfitters.com/robocup-clamp-on-cup-holder
  2. do boats made before 1996 require ce? "This means that from 15 June 1998, any new pleasure boat to be built with a length between 2.5 and 24 meters must meet the CE requirements." my guess would be the manufacturer would not have done ce certification and if it is required for older boats the seller or owner would have to obtain the ce or possibly use one some one else obtained for the same year/model boat.
  3. I'm not sure what large holes you are referring to (perhaps a picture?). If you mean the hatch doesn't seal tight against the storage area, I used high density foam to seal around my the storage areas on my R207: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00005202X/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I had to replace it from time to time and I did try different brands of foam, but that one worked as good as any. Good luck!
  4. Finally got it completed today and took it out and tested. No loss of bottom except on one fairly severe turn to port. Otherwise great. Thanks for your input and that's where I put it.
  5. Sorry that I can't help more, but the 2010 electrical diagrams can be found: http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/index.php?/topic/7657-2016-r207-wiring-diagram/#comment-38233 That helped me locate and eliminate things when I had a Robalo and Robalo doesn't seem to have it on online anymore. Wish I could help more but I'm unfamiliar with the 305. Maybe someone else will jump in and help.
  6. I am replacing or adding to a thru hull B60 with a transom mounted Garmin GT52 to get CHIRP, clearvu and sidevu. Right now it will be a replacement for the B60, but if gas prices improve and I can go offshore more, I may add a GSD 25 so I can have both transducers working. My issue is placement. In the picture I've marked position 1 and 2 as likely places for the transducer and I think #1 would likely be best. Looking for what you think and if somewhere else might be better.
  7. Great! My Robalo lacked caulk throughout the boat. Luckily I caught most before there was an issue, but my forward hatch had snap screws not caulked and the hatch was wood/fiberglass. Luckily the rot caused one of the screws to loosen before it was out of warranty and Robalo replaced the hatch. I can't stress enough checking for proper caulking on new boats as my new non-Robalo was missing caulk in only one area - but, it was the anchor light on the hardtop and it would have exposed multiple wires to water intrusion.
  8. When I wanted to order factory tabs from Robalo I found Robalo doesn't seem to care much about their customers once the boat is sold...and, they wouldn't even help my dealer by getting the parts, or part information to them for the tabs. So I contacted Lenco and got the info almost immediately. I suggest you try contacting them at https://www.lencomarine.com/en/Contact I got an email back the next day wanting my year/model and HIN. They sent me everything I needed including tab diagrams and mounting info. Much more than I expected.
  9. Impressive. Looks good. You'll have to read MrRobalo's comment about male boats: http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/index.php?/topic/7504-register-your-old-robalo/page/2/#comment-39448 Sounds like you've got more work planned and I'm surprised the original tank is still good.
  10. Really like that story and here I thought all boats were female.
  11. While doing some work I noticed the autopilot pump (Simrad RPU80) is slowly leaking at one of the hose fittings. I've fought this problem since installation and I would tighten again, but if I wring it off I'd face trying to get the right fittings at a reasonable price (not easy in today's pricing) and being down until I get the repair completed. Add the problem I've had since day one that the autopilot drifts to starboard if the wind/waves are from port and I have to manually correct to keep on course and I've decided to replace the pump. I was really looking at the Octopus Type 2 pump, but after lots of research it would be oversized and that can cause problems, so I'm probably going to go with the Octopus Type 1. Based on it's documentation it is still more powerful than the RPU80, and can be manually adjusted for more or less volume per minute. So, my question is "Does anyone have experience with this brand pump and can tell me what you think of it?". It seems to have good reviews, but it would be nice to have someone from here let me know what they think. And, if anyone has oversized their pump to a Type 2, what do you think of the move?
  12. Sure. Picture from last year with the youngest granddaughters out having fun.
  13. I've done a bunch of simple DIY projects such as adding outriggers, radar, autopilot, etc., but this project turned out to be a bit more. Originally my boat had a pump out only for the head. I've got 4 granddaughters and last fall the head refused to flush as the tank was full. The head has a macerater between the head and the tank and I decided a simple gravity drain would work. Here are pics of the project from the initial pump out hose through connection of the Y valve to the thru hull. Found out those hoses aren't very flexible. I'll zip tie the valve in the pump out position as required by CG and put the modesty panel back in place as well as the deck plate. Now all I'll have to do is remember to drain it when well offshore to be ready for the girls again.
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