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  1. Yeah, I loved those "follow Robalo, follow Robalo boats" commercials...lol
  2. Mr. R, Thanks for the insight! It's interesting how I could use my own 2520 as a plug, to make a mold. I probably won't be able to put it back to use as I will have to pop a new one out of the mold. Problem I foresee is then making deck & cap molds. Anyone with knowledge of materials and their cost have a guesstimate on materials and costs? Not including the making of the molds, only the making of the new boat. Actually now I'm curious as to the cost of making the molds...lol Mr. R, you mentioned metal stiffeners...how/where are they used?
  3. Mr. R, I'm curious...that was the "Cobia Era" which if I'm not mistaken is when they were known for making "tanks". Is it simply because they laid up more fiberglass on the Hull etc... Or did they have different stringer system or different hull design (ext. Below water), or different build process? Regardless, I love my '95 and you are not hurting my feelings! Facts are facts. I'm just curious.
  4. I'd love to remake my 2520, from the ground up, no wood, vacuum sealed yada yada yada...all the modern amenities...total custom!!! Mr. Robalo, of all the 2520's is there any 1 year model in particular that stands out as being the "better" hull, or where they all the same...do you know if they ever tried to 'enhance the hull' for ride or performance?
  5. I was just curious as to where the 1990's model hull molds were. Are they in a old Robalo warehouse collecting dust somewhere or were they destroyed or what? Any body have an idea?
  6. dude, we need pictures...wet foam needs to go.
  7. Queston: do you have any plans laid out as far as the "closing" of the transom? Will it have a door or livewells like some Contenders? I would like to do something similar w/my 2520.
  8. Great job, it's coming along reel nice. Dan, you mention what a pain it is to get the diamond cut non-skid, can you elaborate on the process? Is there no some kind of machine that makes it easy?
  9. Treefrog...very informative link, thanks. The only fuel lines I've not changed on my 2520 are the fill and vent lines, which are next...had no idea about these...seems like the lg-100 is the one to get.
  10. That sure is a beauty! I really like that teak bow pulpit. My 2520 has a fiberglass one that needs some repairs...but after seeing yours, I might consider making it from teak...
  11. Mr. Robalo, mine is a 1995 year model. At the moment I cannot post a pic or hull Id. I will though when I get a chance.
  12. I've heard some people using the Awl grip to coat their fuel tanks. Thanks for the insight Mr. Robalo. My 2520 has the livewell under the leaning post, I think either that whole section including the center console has screws holding it down or maybe it's only the cc which comes off...can't remember off the top of my head. But basically what your saying is when I remove that section I will have access to the entire tank & coffin box?
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