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  1. I run a 15 HP Tohatsu/ Nissan 4 stroke with a 20" shaft using a retractable kicker bracket. I also have a bar from EZ steer which I can use to steer the kicker motor using the main motor hydraulic steering. See pics below:
  2. I tried a Mirage 3 blade - 15" pitch, Here are the results with full tank of gas, 1 person, and motor trimmed all the way down, trim tabs up: 3500 RPM: 8.4 GPM 22.1 MPH 2.63 MPG 4000 RPM: 10.1 GPM 26.0 MPH 2.57 MPG 4500 RPM: 13.1 GPM 29.3 MPH 2.23 MPG 5000 RPM: 16.7 GPM 33.9 MPH 2.02 MPG 5500 RPM: 19.9 GPM 37.1 MPH 1.86 MPG More importantly, the motor can achieve 5500 rpm now without trimming it up at all. I think this will help with heavier fishing loads in rough seas.
  3. Well my trolling motor mount attached to the forward port cap wasnt strong enough and I noticed some stress cracks forming at the trolling motor mount. So, I decided to mount an aluminum plate to the bow pulpit. Here are my pics:
  4. It was a 30 amp fuse. I just installed a new amp (sound system amp). The wire on the fuse holder was pretty good gage wire. see pics. I probably need to wire the amp - power and ground wires directly to the house battery. I have a toggle switch on the panel wired to the amp "remote on". My previous amp was wired the same way and I had no problems, but this amp is larger.
  5. Fishing mangrove snapper is much funner and we have a ten fish per person limit (for now). The feds can have their damn red snapper.. Found the electrical issue. A fuse was melted (not tripped) along with the fuse holder looking pretty gnarly. Kind of concerning..
  6. Haaaa.. I wish it was an excuse. I'll be tracing wires tommorow. Yes, exactly. We were still mangrove fishing, and about to move to another rig because the bite had turned off. In fact, I had the motor idling, and was about to tell everyone to reel in and my buddies son spotted a group of 4 or 5 (young eyes). So, we put our bait in front of them and hooked up, then picked up a second cobia while trying to gaff the first one.
  7. 31 mangrove snapper and 3 cobia. 2 of the cobia were more than 40 lbs. Edit: Lost power to the GPS and all other electronics, and had to get home by compass and navionics phone app.
  8. We set a goal of getting 30 mangroves and ended up getting 37 mangroves. Just short of a 4 man limit.. Also ended up with 8 red snapper. Meat haul.. Seas were flat and no motor drama..great day!
  9. Haaaa, yeah it's an ongoing joke. The mangroves are funner/more challenging to catch anyway.
  10. A subpar day, red snapper bite was off but mangroves were pretty active. I threw back some 18" snapper early on thinking we would get some bigger ones, but it never panned out.
  11. Dan - Thanksfor the help, that's interesting. I had a 17" pitch mirage when I first repowered to the 225 optimax, but the motor was 1.5" lower than it is now. I still have this prop. I think your right, I probably need to drop another 1" in pitch on the 15" - 4 blade to get closer to 5500 under load.
  12. Should I be able to achieve 5500 rpm in a typical loaded fishing condition? Even with the 4 blade 15" pitch prop I cant get to 5500 rpms when fully loaded for offshore fishing. More like 5100 rpm at best (fully loaded). However, I can achieve very close to 5500 rpm with 2-3 people, full fuel, no ice in flat water when trimmed up. Fyi - I am looking more for max fuel efficiency.
  13. Propeller: Rev 4 - 17" pitch results: 1 person, full tank (light load) Flat water 10 mph headwind 5300 RPM: 41.3 MPH, 21.4 GPH, 1.92 MPG 5000 RPM: 39.2 MPH, 18.9 GPH, 2.07 MPG 4500 RPM: 32.9 MPH, 14.5 GPH, 2.26 MPG 4000 RPM: 23.2 MPH, 11.2 GPH, 2.07 MPG (starting to fall off plane) 3500 RPM: 13.7 MPH, 10 GPH, 1.37 MPG (falling off plane and plowing as evidence by reduced speed and horrible MPG) The results are pretty good at 4500 RPM which is where I run 90% of the time. My concerns are: 1. How is performance in rough water with a heavier load (5 guys and ice box full). 2. I'm not achieving 5500 RPMs, only about 5300 RPM. Is this a lugging issue? I think I'm better off with my 15" pitch 4 blade for now. I would be interested in trying a 15" or 16" rev 4 but they're expensive. I also have a mirage 3 blade 17" pitch that originally came with the carbd motor on my 2320.
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