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  1. Well let me give you a little of my knowledge : My 1969 is 53yrs old and my 1976 I just totally restored during covid is 46 yrs old. And neither one is finished and perfect . Never has been ,Never will but that’s what owning a CLASSIC is all about.
  2. Great looking male CLASSIC R190. A Male boat you say: yea it has a pulpit females don’t. Story behind that comment came from one of the Miami Boat Shows. I sold A ROBALO R2120 to a father with a young boy about 8-9 with him. Once. the dealer had the paperwork done the boy asked his dad if we bought a male or female boat? The man looked at me and asked him what he meant. He points to the pulpit on bow of the boat behind us and said yea like the male one there. LoL. You can’t make that stuff up.
  3. Welcome and thanks for taking a stroll down our cyber docks.
  4. Yep got my letter. Looks like we might get a little more busy.

  5. Looking forward to see it painted. You realize you have done a great job when you have to think twice on who’s boat is that?
  6. Just saw this and I can attest that going from a 150 hp OMC 2 stroke to a 4 stroke Suzuki 150 hp and they are 2 totally different rides. I bow high and porpoise 🐬 now too . I bought a set of Bennett fixed trim tabs and it helped a lot out of the hole mostly but also stopped most porpoising and bow drops much quicker. I will go back and check my transom and see where I’m at as the dealer had to mount the motor for warranty reasons. I changed the inside liner at the stern to rig it differently and due to it I had to make holes in the deck above where the bolts go . I did the stern to make the rigging neater as well as raise the scuppers due to the weight of the 4 stroke. I’ll look at mine this weekend measure again but I already know it’s not quite perfect and will change it ip during the winter. I’ll try to post some pic just lost photobucket account so have to resize them.
  7. As always Smitty your right on point. Like Said above you would have to spend 4 times the amount per foot to buy a new one And a few important things : It will not be manufactured. To the QUALITY of your hands on build You get the all the options the way you want to fit your wants and needs. if ever there’s a problem you know EXACTLY where it is and you built it in a way it allowed you a way to get the part in and out. One thing for sure she’s going to be turning heads everywhere you go.
  8. Well at least some is still in the progress. I can imagine how it seems like a eternity at this point. Can’t wait to see the paint job. The total boat paint I used is just ok. I have to go touch up 1/2 dozen spots that came from docks during the summer but that’s to be expected when teaching son how to tying up in a slip .I got a letter from the management in the complex that electricity & water will be cut off in our compound. That sucks but I’ll just bring it to the house when I need to do things. ALL the way to Texas for electronics package, hmm . Glad to hear the hardtop came out so good. Thanks for the update.
  9. Thanks for taking a stroll down down our cyber docks. Also make sure you get tandem wheel trailer with more capacity . They will try to sell you one that is just adequate but the weights in the brochures we put were on the light side and in reality when the boat is rigged out it will be much higher..The amount of time one spends towing the boat you want the trip to be less stressful. Good luck on finding a new memory maker.
  10. You could also run the fuel through through your water separator before pumping it into the 5 gal jugs.. Once you pump the last 5 gallons out put 5 back in and run through your separator until you don’t see any more waterinthe separator. My filter has a bleed valve on bottom of clear plastic bottom and I drain it after each 5 gallons into a clear jar (an empty Mayo jar works great )once you have no water in filter you are done. If you have a transfer station call them and ask if they have a hazmat goods area you can bring it to. The one I went to in Fl. Allows you 10 gallons a day,just go buy and pour it in there container and you can take a friend and they get 10 gallons too. Just some food for thought.
  11. So happy for you! I took a little over a year to do the R190 and didn’t cut into the floor except the stern and changed it to be like my 1969 R190. Just towed the travel trailer down to Biaha Honda on Monday . It was like a normal fiasco as I trailered the boat down to Nicks in Port St. Lucie with the Durango (190k on it) on Friday and swapped it out for a one owner 2005 GMC Yukon Denali with only 120k that looks well taken care of. All went well on return home ,wife was a lil Leary about the idea of taking a new to us suv . We started off at 8:00 Monday and had No AIR CONDITIONING. It was a long hot trip to PSL and Nick met us at his shop I was ready to hitch up the Durango but he was able to add Freon. I tried but my tool didn’t work before we left but with 2 cans freon and a hour later we were off again. Got here around 6:00 . Looks like my son was able to get into the Key West dialysis clinic so now he can drive the 25 miles when he goes. This vacation is one of many birthdays ,Nicks ,Jackie ,granddaughter Noelle. We have a Charter on Sunday that Nick does every year and am looking forward to it as it will help me find the fish for the following week.I know the feeling of the project coming to a end. This trip will be the real test of the boat and hopefully all my work will be worth it. Only thing I wish I had time to so was to put self adjusting Bennett trim tabs to help the hole shot but might be different with a loaded boat for fishing. Will keep you posted .
  12. A regular hand saw will work. LiL better if you sharpen the tip like a knife so you can rock it back and Ruth as you push it into the foam.. just make it into squares the size of the blade then I use a garden hoe ( sharpened ) after I get the first square out. It just takes time. Most try to chip it out ( been there done t got the T-Shirt) and it makes a mess and a lot of vacuuming..
  13. Wow sounds wonderful , I can imagine how excited you are. I can’t wait to see it . How long does it take to get to Homestead from where the boat is? My son is still waiting to hear back from the kidney coordinator about getting him in somewhere. As of now I’ll have to drive him a 100 miles each way ( were in Biaha Honda) and then I have 5 hours to kill before I pick him up. Still trying to get him in the Key west facility only 30 min away ). Ive been working away getting the boat ready to take down to Nicks ( he’s trailering the boat down for us and swap out vehicles ) My restoration wasn’t al elaborate as yours and seems like it’s taken me forever but she’s almost ready. Bought another prop but she still doesn’t come out of the hole as fast as I like but will see soon how she does fully loaded. i cant wait until you get the hull painted as I’m sure I’m going to repaint the hull sides next winter the total boat paint just doesn’t seem as durable as it should be. Oh well I have to get off the cyber docks here and organize all the fishing tackle were are going to take..
  14. What about making some wedges out of starboard. They look like they might match the light casting material ? Where are you planning using her mostly ?
  15. The pipe work looks SICK ? So fresh ,beefy and sexy in a way. I made a forward shade cover from the console to the bow using bow rail mounted rod holders for our trip to the Keys at the end of the month. Its not a thing of beauty but I need the shade for my son who’s on Dialysis and with his meds he can’t be in the sun. However food for thought make some provisions for a couple 0* rod holders so you can stick polls in to hold the front canvas. I made a stern mount one years ago on a 38” I captained and it slipped into the hard top channel and 2 rods at the back. It was great always had it up at the dock and some when fishing offshore. SCUPPERS. Errrrr I put the 1” hole ping pong ones back in the deck where they were before the restoration thinking that’s done. Well the extra weight of the 4 stroke and my weight they were under water most the time and sucked. So I tool them out plugged the holes and troughs up and put 2” ping pong ball ones at floor level which raised them 1 1/2 “ higher so I will water test them when my new prop comes in this week. Live well will be a 35 gal ( or my 10 gal inshore ) deck mount .I have a custom transom mounted high speed pickup with 1100gph rule pump. I know the weight isn’t going to help bu it is the only way these older boats can do it. The biggest thing about floor model live wells must be rinsed of all soap and other things we clean the boats with so use only biodegradable boat soap and flush out tank good on your way to get bait. I can’t wait to see how the paint comes out!
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