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  1. MACERATOR PUMPS have ALWAYS been a problematic once when we first put them in our boats.we sent out 4-5 to every boat we built that had one. They are not worth the hassles. Personally I would put screens over the drains and just pick up the mess verses having to keep replacing them. Just my 2 cents worth.
  2. I don’t know how much room you have in the bilge but you could plum all the floor boxs to go directly into a collection box and use a through hull bilge pump with a screen on it ( like bass boats have for there live wells) to pump overboard . Even put a automatic switch and a screw-in inspection plate on top to allow access to remove any large pieces of debris / scales that make there way out of floor boxs. We used in line macerator pump and totally didn’t work I sent out more replacement pumps on warranty than boats with them. just some food for thought.?
  3. I agree on the scuppers . We built a R2520 with a full tower and Armstrong bracket for the Miami show and sold it to a captain who was going to charter out of Mexico. He loved the bracket but feared what would happen if he took a Big Wave over the bow with only 2 2’ scuppers. I told him to buy a pair of large rectangular ones and put them 4-6” above the stock ones just for water relief if it were to happen. He wrote me back and said they did work ,they got in a bad storm and took 3 big waves over the bow and the water went out the back quickly and the stock took over once water was below the r
  4. Definitely sitting right. The extra flotation in bracket really help. Can't wait to see hardtop on. Is there going to be a Sight tower on top ( D frame )? Im really curious in how the paint is going to come out, the admiral even said if it is as good as the pic looked nows the time to change. Told her I will wait because too close to us heading down to the Keys in late June for 2 weeks with the camper. My oldest will be bringing the boat down for us and coming back down to bring it back to his house for me . He will be there for 5 days and has a charter while we’re there . ( He does it ev
  5. “ FOLLOW ROBALO “. Was the catch phrase of U S Marine .so it would be in there cataloged starting in 1993. Look through the catalogues to see if you recognize him in them.
  6. o Hacks On removing the gunnel.The rubber is easy to deal with. When removing it mark the middle of rope and rubber with blue masking tape to help in the reinstall. I’d just re-attached it after it has been in the sun all day to make easy to pull. You can use masking tape to make a strait line above the rubber placement along the gunnel. While it is off you can caulk or use filler to fill in all the holes along the gunnel to make it waterproof. I would also ( with help of a fishing buddy) drill new mounting holes and then shoot the screw in aligning it up to the blue t
  7. I used a lot of them in my restoration but still put on shrink tubing over them as a lot of them really melted. I used different methods to shrink them and a lighter worked better than a heat gun. The lighter I was more able to direct the heat versus the gun doing too large of a area. I found they definitely make a better wire to wire connection but the jacket melts too much so that’s why I use the extra shrink tubing even if it’s only for self satisfaction.lol just my 2 cents worth.
  8. Food for thought , Back then the R2320 and the R2520 were called R236 and R256 . They have always been the same hulls and most changes over the years were the console, liner and fuel capacity.
  9. Welcome to the forum . As old as your boat is sometimes it’s hard to understand but previous owners have made a lot of modifications over the years since when we built it . Back then ROBALOS were built different from most other production boats. However I’ve seen this before and there were new transducers out there and they were through hulls but with the totally foam filled and with the tubs installed they were able to instal them . And how do I know I had one in mine but it has been removed for 45 years now. Crawl under there and see if they are still there or have they been removed. If they
  10. Pipewelders were the best when I was there and I used them for years. Once you said that I knew there wouldn’t be anything left to chance.That paint I so nice I actually thought about repainting but I think the Admiral would make me walk the plank. LoL I can't wait to see the blue. When I had to do static test on the boats we had a box I hung on the transom and used led weights to simulate the outboard weight . I then used coolers filled with water to simulate the weight of fuel batteries and other items that were standard in the boat. It might not be high tec but it allows anyone to do it
  11. Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together.😎. I don’t know what your cross members have in the mid section but if your going to have outriggers you should have aluminum bases welded in for them as well as for radar and antenna mounts.just food for thought. Touch up of the paint was one thing I was looking for when I was doing a search on the paints out there. The Total Boat paint was able to be touched up ( in the process of it right now as I had some rubbing of fenders remove a couple places and it’s blending well. However I know know not to use a pressure washer on paint that’s n
  12. Well if my paint starts to not hold up I’d sand her and repaint with Alexseal as all the hard work is done lol. That’s only a weeks job with drying times . I’m going to wait till next year to start the Dottie Q as I went and checked out a PIONEER 220 w/ Yamaha 150 for Nick and i bought it ( his $) igot a hell of a good deal on it. So he will be good for a while.
  13. Damn wish I knew about ALEXSEAL before I put on Total Boat Wet Edge Epoxy top side paint. Your transom looks amazing . WOW BLEW MY MIND!
  14. Thanks for the info . I’m curious how it comes out as I still have the cap and vertical interior areas. I used TOTAL BOAT epoxy on the hull and so far it’s ok but haven’t had it out a lot but will see.
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