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  1. With clean mating surfaces silicone will do the job. 4200 isn't permanent but you would still have a heck of a time opening it if you needed access.
  2. We too, see many combined classes in the same heat. As you mentioned, it's not a cheap sport to participate in. Even in our vintage H class, our annual expenses are between 10 and 12K. Thats if we don't blow the motor up. We don't pay any rent for the shop we keep her in thanks to a generous friend. Amazing, it's the same shop where she was built in 1962 We only attend 6 or 7 events. There is zero prize money in our class, just an entry fee. We do it for the connection and heritage. A little speed factor helps too. Good pictures from your cell phone. Thanks!
  3. Mxk Fun to fly Camera sucks on my model.
  4. Totally agree. My first Drone cost $400 9
  5. H-1 Drone picture from yesterday's San Diego's Bay Fair
  6. We just talked about next years eastern events. Definitely on the radar screen.
  7. Our last event of the year is a vintage only one called Mahogany and Merlot. It's cosponsored by the Hydroplane Museum and local businesses. Lake Celan, Wa. Oct. 4 - 6
  8. No. We couldn't find a sponsor to pay for the fuel to get there.
  9. Great pictures! I hope the Dorian spared you anything at the dock and at home's
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