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  1. I found last years photo with the old engine on. Sorry the pic is small I will get a better one in the future.I painted the bottom in the same line. It sits in the water right at the paint line.
  2. The engine is a 20 inch short shaft .The boat has been my family for over 25 years . Two years age I installed the Garboard drain as per Mr. Robalo instruction.It drained about 3 spackel buckets of water out. When I pulled the plug at the end of last season and jacked the bow up all I got out was a cup full. I noticed the boat sat a little higher after I installed the drait. Thank You Mr. Robalo for the article !! Yes i have the low cut out transon to allow for twins. When i say scupper holes i am refering to the two holes even with the deck that allow the boat to be self bailing. the only other hole in the transom is the single drain hole centered in the rear well. I will take pictures the next time i go to the marina of it. One more question for Mr. Robalo . There is a hole in the side transom well that leads to the chase for the wires and controls cables.We have always keept it plugged while at the dock. I open it when we are running out. I always get a little water out. Should i leave it open all the time ? I was always afraid it would allow water to drain back to the coffin box.
  3. I have a 1973 190 cc . I have repowered with a mercury 115 4 stroke. I know it weighs 25 lbs. more than my 115 mariner i took off. It seems to sit noticably lower in the water. The scuppers are just above the water line. Where did these boats sit when they were new . Maybe it's not as bad as i am thinking. Any info would be great .....
  4. The box has never been altered. And i would imagine the factory tank sat flush with the bottom of the box.
  5. I am installing an aftermarket tank ( Moeller 43 gal ) in my 1973 190 . I set the tank in the coffin box and discovered the coffin box is 2 inches deeper in to front than the back. If i secure the tank in the way it is now, will the tank sit level when the boat is in the water ? Moeller rep said it should be ok . I really don't want to do this twice . Any help would be great. Thanks Mr. Robalo for the e-mail . Sorry the pics are not the best. It's my first time with pics ....
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