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  1. Nice seeing ya out there today. We worked the area just behind the shoals and caught 3 ribbon fish. Fish #2 managed to have a little payback on me. As I went to grab it behind the gills to remove the hook, it turned and raked its teeth across my left hand pretty good. Got 3 fingers and my palm. Darn blood everywhere! Finished getting the fish unhooked and wrapped my hand with an old rag, then kept on fishing until we were tired of fighting the swells. Decided to head inshore to try for red drum, but could only catch sea mullet and pigfish. Glad to hear the trailer is fixed. Have a safe trip back home!
  2. I hear ya! Yesterday was beach day so I could help my son launch the hobie from the beach. Slick water and little wind. Was hoping to hit the ocean today until I rode to the beach at 8 this morning and that north wind had the water whipped up good! Even too rough to launch the kayak from the beach and fish the offshore wreck. Planning on trying again tomorrow. Heard there are spanish macs and ribbonfish just south of the inlet. I forgot to warn you about those sand bars on the outgoing tide! Been there...done that! Fortunately caught it in time to push off the flats after everyone was off the boat!
  3. Sorry to hear about the trailer. Manteo Marine is a good place. I have a spare hub / bearing assembly at the beach house but no brake parts. Let me know if you need it. How you do on the clamming? Did you go on the sand flats down around the bridge? Rain was unreal...pumped about 10 gallons out of the cuddy cabin on mine this morning. I don't know if I will get out tomorrow as my son wants me to help him launch his Hobie 14 off the beach. If I had been smart, I should have headed out today once the morning showers cleared out. I hope Thursday works out and will try for ribbonfish and spanish mackeral just outside the inlet.
  4. Looks like you got all the basic things to replace covered. Do the trim pumps act like air may be present...if so check level or at least inspect o rings on fill ports. Smart move on going back to the recommended Champion plugs. Don't know what it is about Champions, but they seem to work better on these 2 stroke motors. Boat is real clean for that age...great find! Also, where are you located, those pictures are awesome.
  5. Scuff any wood residue off the inside fiberglass skin with a 36 grit wheel. Good choice on resin. 1708 biaxial fabric is the favorite one. I used the 45/45 bias material instead of 0/90 when i did my boat and it has held up just fine. You can go with the 0/90 bias if you want to maximize fiber orientation vs strength, but the 45/45 is great for all around usage. I over did my layup and went with 6 layers inside and outside so the fiberglass skin would match the original glass thickness. This was way overkill. 3 or 4 layers of 1708 will be more than strong enough and finish with a layer of CSM on top to give a sacrificial layer for fairing. Allow first layer of fabric to wrap onto surrounding sides and bottom 10 inches; second layer 8 inches; third layer 6 inches and fourth layer 4 inches. Tabbing for where stringers butt up against transom....3 layers will be sufficient. No need for CSM anywhere that is going to be hidden. Calculating amount of fabric and resin is going to be based on your measurements. Allow 20% for any errors, waste, and other needs. Lots of good information here... Let me know if you have any questions.
  6. Is this when you are anchored up? Have any mods been done to the boat such as adding a transom bracket? Can you post some pictures of the boat at rest in the water so we can see where the waterline is on the transom?
  7. Islander13111 - You may have a hard time getting that boat back to saltwater with all those smiles it is making!
  8. Too many common sense issues based on those reviews. If it had been just one review, I would have thought the review was suspect, but this is not the case. As nice as the concept is, I would consider the Fulton version if you are going with one.
  9. Welcome to the forum and congratulations Noackexas! Looking forward to seeing the restore process. Don't be shy to ask questions as we have some knowledgeable people that have re-done their boats.
  10. Hi John and welcome to the forum. You may need to contact Robalo directly as I only see owners manuals on their site. We do not have any of the newer model boats (2000 thru current) manuals on this site. Were the wires reversed on the battery? There should be a hot wire running to a buss bar under the console...see if there is a fuse between the buss bar and battery that may have blown or needs to be reset.
  11. Does it do better getting on plane with the motor trimmed all the way in, so the bow does not go as high when you first get going? Tabs would help all around and allow you to compensate for different weights in the boat and trim match sea state. Before messing with props, check the motor height and be sure the cavitation plate is 1 to 1 1/2 inches above the bottom of the hull. Any lower and that extra drag will impact a lot of areas, including getting up on plane.
  12. Hi Ray and welcome to the forum! Nice looking rig and perfect for poking around shallow water looking for fish! Looks to be big enough to handle the chop without pounding, too. What kind of performance and fuel burn are you seeing?
  13. Boat cleaned up real well! I cannot make any recommendations on teak oil as mine have not been oiled in 10+ years. Here is a link discussing teak oiling....
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