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  1. 2-N-TOW


    Hi Sledge. What year is your boat? We only have information thru 1993 and the 2660 was rated at 450 hp then.
  2. Nice! We made a quick family trip down without the boat to our place at the 7 MM this weekend. Figures the cobia bite was on fire at Oregon Inlet and the water was flat slick calm. At least we did get to watch the last leg of the Worrell 1000 launch off the beach this morning, if that is any consolation for being boatless 😕
  3. Hi Joker54a and welcome to the forum. See if this link will help on the fish box pump.
  4. About time! Beautiful...boat looks good, too! 😄
  5. Good to hear you got it mounted and is real solid! Curious as to the prep and paint you will be using on the bracket as I need to re-do mine in the near future.
  6. Sorry to hear about that. Can you post some pictures of the boat, motor, and trailer so we can get a better idea of what may be needed for someone to put it back together as that is going to play into the overall price, too.
  7. Looks good! All that pretty maintenance keeping ya acitve!
  8. I would go with either BoatLife sealant or 3M 4000 sealant. Depending on how wide the gap is between the lid and deck, you may want to stuff a piece of foam backer rod down into the bottom of the joint so the sealant will be around 3/8 to 1/2" thick. Also think about running a piece of heavy mono line (80# or heavier) at the bottom of the joint so the sealant will be applied over top of it. This way, if you ever have to remove the lid again, grab the mono and pull it up, cutting the sealant and making removal a lot easier and faster.
  9. In the picture of the bilge looking towards the livewell, I see where the transducer cable comes up through the deck liner. It looks like there may be a gap between the transom and the deck liner behind it since your control cables exit the liner just above the transducer cable. I am guessing the other side is the same way. I would first remove the black plastic grommet where one of the control cables goes into the liner and shine a light to confirm it is an open space that has a way to get to the bilge. You may need to pick up a cheap inspection camera that has wireless to the phone (I have the Depstech wireless camera). https://www.amazon.com/DEPSTECH-Waterproof-Inspection-Megapixels-Smartphone/dp/B01MYTHWK4/ref=sr_1_4?crid=2CI3B1UISKOIU&keywords=inspection%2Bcamera&qid=1651372404&sprefix=inspectio%2Caps%2C236&sr=8-4&th=1 If this is doable....it would be my first suggestion to allow a clean install of the wires. Second suggestion would still require verifying there is a space between the liner and transom. Then cut a 4" or 6" hole to install a deck plate on the back so you can access the space and route the wires. Based on your tape marks, do you plan on re-locating the transducer as it appears it will be very close to the trim tab.
  10. Hi Tfam04 and welcome to the site! I am not familiar with the access on the transom/bilge area of the boat. Are these electric or hydraulic tabs? Any chance you can post some pictures of the bilge looking towards the side of the hull and also the jumpseat area? Maybe then I can come up with some suggestions..
  11. Sounds like you got a good match! If you could squeeze another 400 rpms out of it, bet it will see 50 mph! Cruise numbers are real close to my 2160. Have fun with it this summer!
  12. JoeVee123 - Welcome to the forum! As much as it pains me, try our Facebook site Robalo Boats USA as we have more members there with newer model boats. This site was originally started for pre-2000 boats, but we are gradually getting more members with current model boats.
  13. Don't have one, but maybe this will help in determining what length to go with. Do you plan on using it mainly inshore in calm water or possibly in the ocean trying to hold position over a good spot in swells and rough water? If the later, I would consider the extra 12 inches a plus to keep the motor from popping out of the water in swells. Also try asking this question on our Facebook page (Robalo Boats USA).
  14. Thanks ctfission, I learned something new! I would never have expected the anchor locker drain to run the full length of the boat...figured they would have a thru hull up front or drain to the bilge.
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