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  1. Hi friends, I{m back after a while, working hard......

  2. This is a very nice to have.. just evaluate how "smoky" are your engines, have persons seated in that place for a while with old engnes could really bring a non desireable situation... just a comment here.. I have exactly the same
  3. Hi Folks, here me again. there is many discussion on the net using destilled wather for decarboning engines. just wonder if any of you have any experience on this. any recomendation will be appreciated. thanks
  4. Need your opinions. Folks, need your help to really get clear understanding on this. I’d like to hear your opinions on decarboning or not my old two 225Mercs95’ I have for understanding, if I remove the carbon placed at the chambers probably will make loose more compression if I clean up (decarbon), and probably the smoky problem will be more serious than the actual. How true is this? if I decide decorbon, what product you may recomend to do it? Actually my two mercs really are smoky, when I start them, I have a serious cloud all around and eventually once the engines are gets warm the cloud of smoke is dissolved, but still having a evident smoke emission on my two engines. So, I’d like to hear your opinions on this regard. For references, both engines had 100hrs maintenance last Dec2010, I used probably 40 – 50 hrs this year. I use the TCW3 oil. The compression numbers I have from the maintenance last time back in Dec2010: PORT engine: 1: 115lbs 2: 115lb 3: 120lbs 4:120lbs 5:110lbs 6:115lbs STARBOARD engine: 1:110lbs 2:110lbs 3:115lbs 4:115lbs 5:110lbs 6:105lbs Thank you all in advance for your comments.
  5. Hi folks, to close this topic.. I did a change to all my switch breakers, all of them were old and blocked with rust, in specific the macerator switch breaker were in FAULT and the macerator also burned, I had repaired the macerator pump and placed a new "one moment switch" to prevent keep that switch ON for long time..... thank you all of the comments.
  6. Hi good friends, after a while waiting for my new fuel sending unit, install it, try to get read, then frustrated on this, I found a bad/old wire connection close to the battery case, a good electrician with experience helped me allot, he test all the connections and the functionality of the fuel gage and sender, then the sending wire was fault, then we follow thought the boat and found the bad/old connection, once it was reconnected, wallaa!!! Having fuel reading again... I'm so happy again to have my fuel reading on my dashboard. all folks with old boats like mine, include on your periodical system isnpection look over the OEMs wire connections to make sure all of them still on shape and will not give you hard time like me.
  7. grandcas

    Free stuff

    :wave:Hi elJefe, if there is no much to ask, please post some pictures, defientelly you will get some requests. regards
  8. Wow! If they planned that probably impossible to make it work that way....
  9. welcome on board to the forum, you´ll find allot fo good information from the basica care and some very special questions to maintain in good shape your toy. recently to my 2440 95´I did changed all the swich brakers, all of them where really rusted and not working proertly, one "the fish well pump" where in cut all the time till I changed and noticed the punp where damaged. I own my boat since last year and has been all this fist year making sure all the systems works in close to perfect (like new). any question or comment please bring detailed picture and for shure you´ll receive good answers from the members of the forum. enjoy and congrats for your new toy... regards
  10. welcome you´ll find allot of good source of information for your boat. just start to shoot with your questions, and for sure you´ll get right answers. note. place pictures to get clear on your questions, some times images helps allot. regards
  11. Hi all, just did the meassurement of my fuel tank, it's 17"1/2. I'm looking to change the sending unit with a new model with only one bar to meassure and reading capsule at the sending unit with the wires to send signal to the dashboard. I'll keep updated on my finding. regards
  12. thank you for the recomendations, I´ll make inspections and post some findings.
  13. Here what I did after get my used boat a few months ago. engines where full revised by specialist in mercs, 100 hrs maintenance where done. I got the OIL alarm due the empty oil tanks, after fill the tanks, got the temperature alarm. (my mistake there) Then I got the temp alarm, I went to the engine specialist and I got the recommendation ¨drain the engine cooler system¨ with a liquid to clean up the ¨cooler system for cars NOTE: use the cleaner for aluminum systems¨ first I revised the amount of salt at the ¨thermostat cavity¨ believe me I have the original engines and I saw allot of solid salt there, thermostat seemed to me not much blocked.. so I proceeded to apply the mixed with water cooler cleaner (cleaner for aluminum systems). it was really a tough task, trying to keep the liquid recycling the system for each engine. after the clean up, thermostat cavity looks different and I think most of the salt who probably blocked the cooler system where cleaned. I run my boat in the ranges of 3500 RMPs with no issue. take a look over your ¨thermostat cavity and see what you can have there..... so my 5cents here..
  14. Bellbouy, do you know the depth of your tank? I have the issue of the sender is not working properly, and I'm thinking serious to install a Livorsi sender (that 2NTow is recommending here). thank you for the help.
  15. , Probably you´ll have nice biologic weapon there ! if you keep for a while... I lefth my waite tank for couple months during the summer that way and I can´t describe it..... so I learned in hard way.... now every time I go offshore, I clean that tank.
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