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  1. Rayan, I think i can say with some confidence that the 1997 would be a similar layout to the 1996 but have no idea about the 1999. Bellbuoy2440
  2. The filter on my boat was a Rancor LG50 They are not cheap but I got the best price from an e-Bay supplier. Do some Google searches for the LG50. There is also an LG100 but the one on my boat was an LG50.
  3. It is in the vent hose a foot or so ahead of the thru hull vent. I am attaching here a 1996 2440 wiring diagram and 1996 2440 hose routing pages to help. 1996 Robalo 2440 Wiring Diagram.pdf Robalo 2440 Hose Routing.pdf
  4. yes the access is below the shift levers. I have a 1996 2440 and have done that job. I first replaced the thru hull vent as I would say the original one was some sort of metal but not bronze. I replaced with a bronze vent. Then later I had to replace the fuel / air separator in the fuel tank vent line. When that separator unit failed I could not put fuel in the tank without an overflow.
  5. Here are the labels for the rear switch panel. As you can see mine are faded also so made this listing and carry it in a notebook in the boat. One other thing to be aware of is that there is a high speed water pick-up for the bait well tank at the transom. If you are running and the pick-up valve in the bilge is open it will and the drain overflow tube is in place in the bait tank it will fill with water and add a lot of weight at the stern of the boat. I keep the drain pipe removed when not using it. There is also a shut off valve on the line coming into the tank to the right as you stick your head in the bait well. That will keep the water out.
  6. I will do that. The boat is in the water now but I will be pulling it the 3rd week in October and can get a tape measure on the trim tabs for you then. I seldom use the trim tabs. I found I do best by just trimming the engines up a little once I get on plane. I was out a few weeks back and had some issues with the boat leaning all over the place. I found the trim tabs were down. I am not sure how they got that way but in any case once I raised the tabs all the way the issues went away.
  7. I have the same boat with twin 225's and some of these attachments may help. There is a 18 gallon waste tank under the drivers seat an 18 gallon fresh water tank under the passenger seat. If there is water/waste in there it can through off the balance. The motor mounts and trim tabs are no doubt the big issue. I am attaching a photo of my "original" trim tabs. 1996 Robalo 2440 Equipment Page 1.pdf 1996 Robalo 2440 Equipment Page 2.pdf 1996 Robalo 2440 Wiring Diagram.pdf
  8. Yep, as Dan noted that is the place to look and seal up with a good caulk. Also caulk the hatch in front of the engines to access the bilge area. That area will get water when you are in the stern fishing.
  9. How about the info on a 1996 1820 --- I had that in my files. 1996 Robalo 1820.pdf
  10. I have a 1996 2440 and attached is a photo of the capacity plate --- not great but should help If I understand your description of the pump running correctly it is most likely the macerator pump for pumping sewage waste overboard. You should have to hold both switches down at the same time for this to work. The pump is located on the STBD side behind the access panel below the throttle controls. You should be well off shore before you ever pump the tank overboard and in some areas you are not permitted to do this at all. I only pump out the waste holding tank at the fuel dock or other approved waste pumping station.
  11. I have the same model and have had the same issue. Look under the rub rail (like mentioned above by Reel Plumber) where the top section is attached to the hull. I found a gap in that area and filled it with good quality silicone. That solved the issue. No problem at the dock but in sloppy water or when fishing in the stern it was an issue. I to installed a second bilge pump until I found this issue and sealed the gap.
  12. Topsailislander, Here are the files you were looking for. 1996 Robalo 2440 Wiring Diagram.pdf Robalo 2440 Hose Routing.pdf
  13. Have you considered a gimbal mount that would fit in a rod holder? I use them but I think my downriggers may be smaller. Search for a rod holder mount for your model down rigger. I use a safety line on mine tied off to the boat just in case they would pop out of the rod holder but have never had any issues.
  14. I have read this a couple of times and am trying to visualize what you have. I have the same boat and have responded a few times in the past. The drain should have a 8 to 10 inch stand pipe that inserts into the drain hole from inside the live well. I think 3/4" PVC would work. Mine has a screen over the top to keep small bait from going down the drain. Where the water from the pump enters the tank there should be a black fitting that sprays the water into the live well to aerate the water and it also have a valve on it so you can shut the water off The boat has a high speed pick-up on the bottom so when you are running water will flow into the live well without using the pump. If you do not want water in the live well when running you can shut off this valve. I will be at the boat tomorrow and will try and take a few photos of these parts. I am not sure what you are referring to with the sea strainer. A photo of that would help me a lot.
  15. Thanks for the reply. I was just looking for some practical experience on this. It topped off the new batteries quickly and then just had the green float light on.
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