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  1. For $120.00 more your local plumber will be happy to drop one off and autograph it for you. LOL
  2. No Cat owner - We rent so much equipment from Ring Power (cat dealer/rental company) that my salesman gave me a loaner for the week. What a time saver and a real man toy. Barry.......that e-tec is the bomb. It looks awesome on the transom of your Robalo. Let's all do get together and pick on Dan. LOL Maybe Bob can make it down too.
  3. Hey Barry looks like I'll be moving into your neck of the woods in a few years. Kathy and I just bought a piece of property in the Sebring - Lake Placid area. I do like how little the traffic and how nice the people are in the area. We got a tractor/car port and shed put on the property and have been brush hogging, increasing the pond size and cleaning up trees, etc. Kathy is pushing me to build our retirement home sooner than later. It's a much easier drive over to the boat on all the back roads. Takes less time and definitely less stressful.
  4. Hey Barry - it good to see you back at it! How are you liking Florida now. I tried to talk Dan into retiring down here but I think his brain froze before it sank in.๐Ÿ˜†
  5. This year the trip was a lot better with out all the drama. No rough weather, pig bites and we caught a few fish. We saw some of the coolest reefs I've ever seen. Ate lots of good food and drank lots of good beverages. It was the longest run yet. We left Fort Pierce and headed straight to Green Turtle at 160kmiles. Left there the next morning and headed to Hope Town on Elbow Cay 50kmiles. We fish east of the Elbow and managed to get a few mahi. It was some of the bluest water I've seen. Next year we hope to get down to the tongue (Chub Cay) and spend 2 weeks fishing.
  6. Is that your story? We know Nancy has a quick right and mean left hook. Behave yourself Dan.
  7. Damn what an ordeal to have to go through. I am so glad you are getting better each day. Hopefully the rest of this year and following years will be better and you can get out and do some much deserved fishing.
  8. LOL, no more dogs for now. They are just other peoples dogs at some pet friendly restaurant/bars.
  9. Well Gus has been with us almost a year now and has picked up several of my bad habits.
  10. Oh and BTW............................. I'm being supervised the whole time.
  11. Every year I plan to do some upgrades on the old girl. This year she got some new countertops, sinks, stove, tile, and paint. First I made a template of the bathroom top and built a new top at home with plywood and black granite tiles. I also know this plumber dude that hooked me up with a new sink and faucet. I had to remove the mirror cabinet doors and cut them up to clear the new faucet. Doing this made me decide to tile the back wall. The original wallpaper was dingy from all the years but was really stuck to the walls. Because it was a fabric feeling wallpaper I decided to try to paint it with really light coats so it wouldn't release the glue behind it. It worked! I also made a new bar top to replace the existing one and covered the existing Formica tops with granite tiles. Installed a new sink and new flat top stove. The end table next to the sofa had to get a little love as well. I am beginning to run out of things to do on the boat. Maybe it's time for a bigger one๐Ÿค”
  12. Yes, thanks Dan! You da man!!!
  13. Congrats on the new sled. Important thing is that the wife is happy. I haven't had a Robalo since 2013 but this is part of my family and I'll always be dropping in. Be sure to post up some pics.
  14. Well Gus seems to be making himself at home.
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