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  2. Hay John my nsme is Rod do you have any  pictures of your gas tank replacement or tips for cutting out the deck

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  5. Last week, the "Beast" was fired up and the pickling was burned off, It took a while because the battery was a little low after 6 months of storage and had to be charged. Today, Hour 2 of Break-in routine still a little slow getting it started and warmed up but it ran for about 2 hours and charged the battery up nicely. Performance is better than expected. Best Speed with this 2 stoke is going to be 4000 RPM's and 32 MPH and expecting around 3 1/2 miles per gallon which translates into a range of 212 miles and expecting the top speed to be around 44mph. It was barely making 30 with the old 150. Meanwhile the teak wood trim is getting stripped and readied for oiling.
  6. I wanted to close this thread since I was able to complete the installation with many measurements and thankfully one cut! Running the trim tab actuators through the transom was the hardest part and I had to run the wires through the port side jump seat compartment into the bilge area since there was no gap. That side was filled with foam and using some 4200 I was able to clean it up and look good. On the starboard side there was a gap, and I was able to fish hook the wires into the bilge area without drilling into the jump seat compartment. From there it was a relatively easy job to run all of the wires and connect everything. Shortly after I dropped the boat into the water and took it for a spin. This boat definitely needed those trim tabs because it now handles the take-off and choppy waters so much better. It's taking some time to get use to the positions of the tabs after planing out, but I believe I have found my sweet spot. Thank you for your help on this and I hope it helps others in some way. Not much out there for this model, which is sort of surprising.
  7. @CTFission the bow dodger or spray guard came with the boat. However a good canvas shop could make one for you, also you can contact these guys.. http://rnr-marine.com/Purchase.php?product=Bow-Spray-Dodger-OEM-A
  8. The bow dodger looks great. Where did you get it?
  9. I reached out to Armstrong this week, they sent me the following instructions: Bracket Painting Procedure - Excel.pdf
  10. 2-N-TOW


    Hi Sledge. What year is your boat? We only have information thru 1993 and the 2660 was rated at 450 hp then.
  11. sledge


    When was 265 max hp increased to 500 and was transom reinforced ?
  12. New member from Minnesota. Want to restore as a father & son project. Initial needs include; new outboard motor, transom, but stringers appear to be solid. How do we know if the foam is holding water? Looking for original specs (dry weight) to see how waterlogged she is. Any restoration tips on getting water out of the foam / hull and keep it out would be appreciated. Also, came with external gas tank...previous owners said built in gas tank was dirty. Should we cut it out of the floor to replace or do we mount exterior tank by transom and save $? Looking for those kinds of tips and experiences from others. Thanks in advance! Title HIN says she's a '68, but we know the first year of the boat was '69. Pictures taken before the first power wash. 









  13. I have a completely de-rigged 1993 Center Console. Took off the engine (over 2,100 plus hours) and removed the hull gas tank-(leaking). The boat has been stripped down with motor; console, deck hatches, gas tank, electronics etc. all removed and stored. The hull was cleaned and bleached, and is ready to start a the Re-fit. Listed on Craiglist- Boston/South Shore. Solid boat, new T-top canvas. (Need to sell- two weddings to pay for). Hull # CROB57RE393 Boat sits on a brand new "2022" Load Rite "bunk" trailer, which is being sold, separately. Boat is in Lakeville MA
  14. Nice! We made a quick family trip down without the boat to our place at the 7 MM this weekend. Figures the cobia bite was on fire at Oregon Inlet and the water was flat slick calm. At least we did get to watch the last leg of the Worrell 1000 launch off the beach this morning, if that is any consolation for being boatless 😕
  15. Not Robalo Related but... 26 and 15/16" Puppy Drum caught near Ramp 30, Salvo, NC May 5th on cut shrimp and sand flea fish bites using a bottom rig with 4 oz pyramid sinker.
  16. Thanks Mr Robalo!! Is there any way to accurately date my boat? I was told it was 1970 but have no identification stamps anywhere on the boat.
  17. Well let me give you a little of my knowledge : My 1969 is 53yrs old and my 1976 I just totally restored during covid is 46 yrs old. And neither one is finished and perfect . Never has been ,Never will but that’s what owning a CLASSIC is all about.
  18. this help? I don't have one now, but used on past boat and it worked great. https://www.boatoutfitters.com/robocup-clamp-on-cup-holder
  19. Per title, does anyone have suggestions or pictures of setups or products that I could put around the helm to hold cups, phone without drilling. Id like to have my phone higher up on the dash/or side, as I use it for trolling, quick reference on lure depths/dipseys etc. Maybe a cup holder on the rail would work best (although it slopes down, would need a clamp/pivot which Ive not found yet) and then in the cup holder, use a phone holder that clamps in, which I've found. Any ideas appreciated. I understand I may be looking for a unicorn here.
  20. Looks really nice! They probably don't have a template from it do they? Think they'd want to make another one and ship it?
  21. Hi Joker54a and welcome to the forum. See if this link will help on the fish box pump.
  22. Trying to find out how to get the fish box to drain. There is a drain plug but it doesn’t drain. I heard it might have a pump connected to it but not sure. Robalo 2140.
  23. I haven’t done it yet but will follow Mr Robalo’s advice posted on this feed. Boat still needs some work but it’s in the water!!
  24. What did you end up doing for rub rail? I just removed mine. I'm trying to find a different kind that will work. I don't like the rope insert.
  25. Punching above my weight on both fronts!! Thanks again for all your help.
  26. I had it custom made by a local manufacturer who specializes in marine applications up here in Port Alberni BC. I love that it has that piece that goes down the back of the transom and all of the motor mounting bolts go through it. It acts a bit like a washer and allows the motor to sit perfectly flush to transom while providing some structural support as well.
  27. About time! Beautiful...boat looks good, too! 😄
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