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  2. Are you able to see where the cables go under the deck? Do they appear to go into the coffin box were the fuel tank sits? If nobody else knows the length, you may need to remove the coffin lid to see where it runs and do a rough measurement of the run from the console, under floor to the battery box where the cables exit into the motor well.
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  4. I just bought a R1800 and it doesn't have control cables,can anyone tell me the length please.Thanks
  5. @vic3094- than you for the advice. I will try removing that panel and see what I have. It sounds like a little disassembly and a tube of sealant will hopefully solve the problem.
  6. Is it not considered strong enough? I would think a person on a wakeboard doing tricks would exert more pull on the bar than an inflatable.
  7. I run a 15 HP Tohatsu/ Nissan 4 stroke with a 20" shaft using a retractable kicker bracket. I also have a bar from EZ steer which I can use to steer the kicker motor using the main motor hydraulic steering. See pics below:
  8. Guess I'm learning something new, but I don't like it. An owner of a new R230 got a ski tow. However, the warning label (my R207 didn't have a warning label) says only 1 skier or wakeboarder, and NO towables! Dealer told him to use a bridle for towable. http://forum.robalo.com/index.php?/topic/13446-r230-ski-tow/&tab=comments#comment-24981
  9. I honestly don't think it matters on the inside as the corrosion is always on the outside going into the tank. Best thing to do for any new aluminum tank is to coat it with coal tar epoxy so moisture cannot be in contact with bare aluminum as that is what causes the corrosion.
  10. Is it better to always keep the tank full? Does that prevent corrosion from the inside?
  11. Sooo nice! Would love that but I have rocket launchers on the top
  12. Yes, 2yrs... Time has flown by... we have around 1600 pics that we have taken along the way.... You really have to stand on and jump on the boat to really understand just how much stronger it is now, it feels like an entirely different boat... stronger and lighter at the same time... Scuppergate will continue for a while longer I think... The one thing I can say is that now the boat rides much higher in the water than before so it can take on a lot more weight and water than it could have before so this opens a lot of options... I have had other boats in the past that h
  13. I did not realize this has been going on for 2 years, either. Been fun posting on here as it has progressed. So is Joey going to school? I would think if he can master the roll technique and get as good results as spraying, this would open up a whole new area for his business. That transom is a beast...the way it is built now and with everything tied together, it is like a massive box beam. Let us know how ScupperGate works out as it is a challenging thing to try to safely resolve.
  14. Anyone ever replace these? Awkward design, gets in the way of the cuddy hatch....
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  16. ...and a few more pictures.
  17. Still thinking on the scuppers...We have had some pretty in depth discussions about the scuppers, their size, their height, head pressure of water, and the theory of everything... We are still all over the board but leaning towards installing 4 scuppers.... I could actually go on for a 3 page essay to how we got there but to be continued... The final "big" glass work was wrapped up today... Joey tied the cap and deck together from both sides and glassed in the blanks in the corners... he said it feels a lot more solid now walking on it... The final layers of glass were added to th
  18. MACERATOR PUMPS have ALWAYS been a problematic once when we first put them in our boats.we sent out 4-5 to every boat we built that had one. They are not worth the hassles. Personally I would put screens over the drains and just pick up the mess verses having to keep replacing them. Just my 2 cents worth.
  19. Thanks!! I'll post a pick when done, but it won't be for a while.
  20. It seems there are two layers of glass with part of the inside layer missing. I will pull it and clean it up.
  21. There is no coring there, so not understanding why the bottom looks compressed. I would at least remove the nuts and backing plate and see what is going on.
  22. Give it a try! At that dimension, it should hold up fine.
  23. I have a new motor for the windlass ordered, so I'll drop that back in asap and get up n running. Regarding the pulpit I like the fibreglass idea, but I am not too good at making it look nice. So I am considering a slab of white oak heartwood. At 1.5 in thick, 12 in wide it would be very strong. White oak heartwood is naturally rot resistant. If I coat it with spar varnish it should last longer than me and not bust my boat fund like teak would. Especially since the boat spends most of the time under a shed. Thoughts??
  24. Looks great!!😃😃
  25. Looking over my new to me 1988 2160. I pulled all the anchor rope out of the locker and noticed the tie off looks sunken in to the nose of the boat. Went to the outside and looked at the front of it, the winch attachment, is pulled out a bit. Hmmmm. How worried should I be and what would be a simple fix?
  26. Showed the old girl 1993 2520 some love last week repainted the bottom.
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