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Drain plumbing 1986 r1800

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So I have a few questions about the draining of my boat.

on the transom there are 5 drains.

1 garboard

2 scuppers with flappers

2 drains that can be plugged

I usually only plug the garboard drain but am wondering if I should be plugging the other 2 in the motor well also?


there are 3 drains that come into the motor well area.  One from each side box (with teak covers) and one mystery one that comes from under the deck. 

The previous owner took out the pedestal seats and replaced it with a cooler seat.  In the middle of the cooler seat there is a hole drilled to drain into the hull of the boat.  Is this ok?  I have not used the cooler yet because I’m worried about it draining into the hull and causing issues.  

my boat either came with or had added the garboard drain and bilge area located just behind the rear splash plate.  Looks like it was built that way but I may be incorrect.  

so,  is the cooler ok?  Where does the mystery drain come from?  Should I use the 2 drain plugs in the mid section of the transom?  

Thanks y’all.58DFF567-A53C-45E9-B47E-F1D713EBD08A.thumb.jpeg.352a977014776ecf1e628b6c2a2f151c.jpeg497F3024-D2F3-499A-9541-9EF7B4C0A294.thumb.jpeg.fdc26bdc17fc52e92b2cbb13194c8f0c.jpeg




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As long as the 2 drains in the wet well are not letting water into the well, I would recommend not plugging them.  They assist in draining any water you may accidentally take over the bow.  If those wet well drains were plugged, water could only exit splashing over the top of the transom cutout.  Another thing is any water that has accumulated in the wet well can drain when the boat is moving....no need to carry that excess water weight if the drains are plugged.

Now for my questions.  Can you post a picture of the mystery drain where it enters the wet well?  Have you tried blowing compressed air into it to see if it may be connected to the drain  at the cooler?  Is the coring where the hole was drilled under the cooler sealed so water did not seep into the foam core?

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Thanks for the reply!  

There is no plumbing attached to the bottom of the cooler.  I can see foam through the hole.

yes, water does come in through the holes in the back when the plugs are not in and sitting at idle.  In the picture from the rear, you can see the scupper holes with rubber flaps and also the drain holes.  

I think the mystery drain may be from the forward lockers but am not sure.  There was a bunch of pine needles that came out of there the first few times I took her out.

 I love this dang boat.  Looks nice, classic and rides really well for the size.  Not a speed demon by any means but it sure is comfortable.  I’m also considering oiling the teak again on days off.

I can’t take a picture for a week or so.  I work out of town and am not at home.  I will upload a few asap though.

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I have no idea what that could be!  Pretty sure it is not a factory installed option.  Based on location, I would be wondering if it is even angled enough to the transom to drain.  Is it visible under the deck when you look through the inspection port?  I would try blowing compressed air into it to see where it may come out or run a usb inspection camera down it.  

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The drain in the last picture is from the forward hatches. The anchor compartment drains to the left storage compartment. The left drains to the right compartment and then goes under the deck to the transom. I have the same thing on my 85 R1800. I believe it is factory installed.

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Thanks ctfission, I learned something new!  I would never have expected the anchor locker drain to run the full length of the boat...figured they would have a thru hull up front or drain to the bilge.

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