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R265 question o batteries and AC


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Hi. Just became the owner of a 2004 R265 this week, boat appears in great condition. I want to add air conditioner, which I believe may have been standard in some later years but pretty sure can be installed in the 2004 version (5,000 or 7,000 BTU). There is an extra switch labeled "Spare" in the electric panel which is AC in other years. I'm thinking of a DC-powered AC, and believe I have to install it behind the drawers in the galley. Wondering if anybody can confirm. Have seen some later models without the bottom two drawers of the galley, instead there's like a black metal screen, not sure if different size drawers or removing the drawers completely is needed for placing AC there, also wonder if I can put AC somewhere else. 

My other question is about fitting a 3rd battery. The boat I bought has 2 batteries, they seem to be tucked in deep in the starboard aft side, which leaves room right under the aft bench where I see them go in most of these models. I'm assuming I can fit a 400AH battery or two right below the farthest starboard seat. They're about the same size of a 31 group acid battery but weigh less (about 85lb each). Had anybody used lithium or see a problem with installing 3 or 4 (total) batteries all in that space?  

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Hello and welcome to the forum!

Can't help on the AC question.

With a boat that size you are fortunate that they are not as "sensitive" to weight distribution as smaller boats.  Still, would be a good idea to place some weight in the general location and see if it impacts the boat's attitude at rest.  Seriously consider a sealed AGM battery as it will not vent hydrogen sulfide gas when being charged.  The gas can be corrosive if batteries are in a closed space.  Also, the AGM batteries seem to be less prone to dead cells due to plates vibrating and shorting out and no need to monitor water level in the battery since they are sealed.  I have ran the Optima Blue Tops and Duracell AGM batteries in my boat with no issues whatsoever.  The Optima's lasted 6 years before I replaced with the Duracell.  These are now 4 years old and still work fine.  I do keep a float charger on them when the boat is on the trailer and think that helps a lot.

Lithium batteries are the future.  I love how you can get the same CCA in a much lighter package.  The only problem is the cost of the battery and the need for a charger specifically designed for lithium batteries.  


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