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Hey everyone so glad I found this forum prior to beginning my project.

Recently was "given" a 1975 R200 with a 1985 Johnson 185hp in pretty great shape to my eyes. Previous owner had it on his property for years and said if we can get it off then it's ours. So now it's in the driveway after buying new trailer tires.

ok, time for information. Right side of transom reads SLK 952850575-75. Really hope someone can help me out with that as I have found no info with it. I'll attach many more pictures as we begin to plan and prep but so far I've only got these 3. Haven't taken many pictures as I'd have a million. Already anticipating replacing fuel tank, restoring the transom, and having to most likely repower the boat. The transom was given a metal plate on the inside to help support the outboards weight a few years back per previous owner. He never address the problem due to not using the boat since he had a smaller boat to use. Definitely other areas but those are the major ones to tackle on my end. Lots of TLC for this boat.

Very excited to dive into this project as I've been reading previous project many members had on this website and believe with the assistance it will a great project. 






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Welcome to the forum.  Sounds like you got a great deal and a classic...one of the first Robalo boats.  From the pictures it does not look bad at all for its age.  

Post lots of pictures and don't be shy about asking questions as a few of us have already been down this rabbit hole :)


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On 11/6/2021 at 10:12 AM, surv said:

Nice project, I look forward to seeing what you do with it. 


Is the transom still strong or is it going to need a new one? 

Transom is going to be getting a new one. We picked up this boat specifically due to the transom being the only major work and the deal we got on it. Unfortunately our motivation for winter projects has faded due to the cold but feel like once the fishing is nonexistent we will be getting back on track. With 3 of us in on the boat we were budding heads on a pour vs ply transom project. We are now set on cutting and using marine ply rather than the pour. My restoration topic thread will be getting updated once we start making real progress on the project. Knowing others are looking out for the project is perfect motivation to get it going again, thanks!

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Have you compared the price of composite (Coosa) vs marine grade plywood?  Composite will allow for not being completely sealed at any thru transom penetrations whereas you have to take the time to properly seal those holes with a wood core transom.

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Might want to also consider using  "Carbon Core"   pour in  transom filler.  It's a resin filler type ,that will outlast the Boat !!

Used it on my 1975  R-236   full transom, I found it way easier than all that tear out re glass work, way better than any of the foam pour ins an  way way stronger  an no compression when you tighten your bolts.  If that transom is rotten, so much the better and easier to clean out. Cleaned out my Full height transom myself in 2 days .

CarbonBond Transom Compound - Carbon-Core Corporation


The "Dr. Ann"  1975  R-236

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