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Vinyl wrap


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i dunno...looks like you did a damn good job!  Was this the first time you have ever done it?  How long did it take?  One piece for each side?  Gotta tell us more as that looks to be a great alternative to repainting.  What prep work was needed prior to installing?

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2-N-Tow Yes this was my first time doing this. There is a lot of prep work that has to be done before you start to put the wrap on  I removed all the thru hulls and rub rail where wrap was going to give it a cleaner look. Had to repair lil chips in the hull because they will show up in the wrap after that was done had to clean the hull and dewax it with isopropyl alcohol and water mixed 50/50. After you think the hull is clean layout the knife less tape where it needs to be cut. Then apply they wrap. After the wrap is on and the Excess wrap is removed the edges where it was cut has to be sealed with a tape or a liquid glue that is made for that. It cost me about $650.00 dollars for the tools and 27 yards of wrap to do it and I got 7 yards of warp left over. The first side I did took me about 10 hours to do it but I was by myself the other side took about 4 hours to do but I had help doing that side. 

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