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Fiberglass material

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Alright so I finally got the funds to buy most of the materials needed to close off my transom.

So how many layers of fiberglass do I apply?

What types of cloth should I use? 

How many yards and weight of cloth do I need?

Any specific pattern of laying down glass on transom ,tabbing or knee bracing ?


I got a 1975 R200 amf 

Using vynilester and going with 1.5' coosa board

Thanks for any input 




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Scuff any wood residue off the inside fiberglass skin with a 36 grit wheel.

Good choice on resin.  1708 biaxial fabric is the favorite one.  I used the 45/45 bias material instead of 0/90 when i did my boat and it has held up just fine.  You can go with the 0/90 bias if you want to maximize fiber orientation vs strength, but the 45/45 is great for all around usage.  I over did my layup and went with 6 layers inside and outside so the fiberglass skin would match the original glass thickness.  This was way overkill.  3 or 4 layers of 1708 will be more than strong enough and finish with a layer of CSM on top to give a sacrificial layer for fairing.  Allow first layer of fabric to wrap onto surrounding sides and bottom 10 inches; second layer 8 inches; third layer 6 inches and fourth layer 4 inches.  Tabbing for where stringers butt up against transom....3 layers will be sufficient.  No need for CSM anywhere that is going to be hidden.

Calculating amount of fabric and resin is going to be based on your measurements.  Allow 20% for any errors, waste, and other needs.

Lots of good information here...

Let me know if you have any questions.


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