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Radar is great, but got tired of going really slow at night to avoid crab pots and pound nets. I've had the SiOnyx Sport out several times, but viewing it though the viewfinder doesn't work on a boat. Then clamped it to a windshield support and pulled the app up on my phone and that was better, but still not good enough. Of course Garmin won't work with anything but it's camera and I like the SiOnyx as if there is any light at all (partial moon or more) you can view it in color. It's not dependent on infra red.
Anyway, I got an iPad for viewing the camera, but no real estate on the console. I was going to cover up 1/2 the switches and the autopilot, but that's really not a good option as much as I use the autopilot. Playing around I found the rubberized iPad cover would grab the dash and I could wedge it against the windshield and the clamp for the camera. Works great and I don't lose much view and no console space!


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Nice new toy!  Surprised there is no way for that Garmin to accept an external video feed.  That camera interfaces fine with with Android and Apple...does Garmin have a proprietary codec for video input?  What model is the Garmin?

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Ok.  Their website is a little vague and I was wondering if the usb cable could be used to send the video feed to the Garmin, but I only see it referring to wirelessly streaming the video.  So much for a work-around to get it to the MFD.

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