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I know...This isn't about a Robalo, but as a previous Robalo owner - it applies:

My Sailfish 2018 245DC came with a Fusion MS-RA205 radio. Enjoyed it fully, but it died. It would light up and say FUSION, but that's it. I went through all the procedures I could find online and in the manual and nothing helped. I contacted Fusion and got an RMA, and sent off the old radio. A couple of days later, I got a new radio, an upgraded MS-RA210 from Garmin.
I will say in 100 degree heat installing the new radio wasn't easy and I still have to find the zone 2 cables, but otherwise it went fine. Radio up and working on 4 speakers and when it gets a bit cooler I'll trace down the other wires for the 2 speakers in zone 2. It's hard to do wire tracing while laying on your back with sweat running into your eyes.
So, some lessons learned:
1. Get the Fusion with the 3 year warranty. Some of them have a 1 year warranty, so beware. Luckily I had the 3 year warranty.
2. Don't be stupid and do maintenance on your boat in 100 degree weather with no cloud cover and no wind.
3. Remember in extreme sunlight and with polarized sunglasses it's difficult to read the fine print on the screens. I really doubt the screens are ever tested in the conditions I use them. I did bring a backup printed manual and it got me past some of the more difficult screens to read.
4. See item #2
5. If you decide to maintenance in 100 degree sunny, windless weather BUY A FAN. It's on my list.
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Darn...you are a true die-hard!  I was on the beach with the wife today and by noon told her it was time to throw in the towel and head back to some nice AC!

Glad to hear Garmin did the right thing.  Curious...does the new one come with the same warranty?  And you are welcome to post anytime over here!

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This is Garmin's statement:

All repairs and replacements provide a 90-day warranty unless the one-year warranty of your original device remains valid beyond 90 days, in which case your repaired or replaced device will be under warranty until the end of the original one-year warranty.

Since I was 2 years into a 3 year warranty, I guess I have another year. Let's hope I don't need to use it as I'm sure that 90 day/1 year thing could become an issue.

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