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Mercury 2 stroke outboard Not oiling

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I have a 2006 Mercury efi 200 2 stroke, the one that runs off of compression to oil the engine. When I first bought It I replaced the Onboard oil reservoir and it bled perfectly and the other day I got the 4 alarm beep. I looked at the reservoir and it was a few inches low and my 3 gallon remote tank was at Around a gallon. I figured just fill up ThE remote reservoir, crank her up and bleed it... nope, it’s not bleeding.

I checked all the lines and there was a small leak at the “Oil in” hose at the Connection to the remote tank and a very Very small Pinhole leak on the “air out” from the engine to The remote tank. I sealed up both leaks and cranked her up. Still not bleeding.

while running I removed the “air in” line to the remote tank and it released pressure (so I know the compression is pushing air) 

I removed the “oil in” line from right before the check valve and it’s just not pushing oil...
I filled up the onboard reservoir till almost full and the Warning beep has gone away but it’s still not bleeding properly 

what is going on here ??? 

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I am not familiar with the Mercury oil set-up so pardon the dumb questions. 

Is there a filter in the bottom of the remote tank that might be plugged?  You said the tank has pressure in it but no oil coming out of the hose just in front of the check valve.

Go over to Bass Boat Central, BBC boards, Mercury Motors section:


Excellent resource site for engine troubleshooting.  Also, see if you can locate a Mercury shop manual for that motor.  Don't go for an off brand...get only the factory manual.  I bought one for my Evinrude and it has paid back the initial cost many times in time and money savings.

When you do figure out what is going on and the fix, please post over here so we have it for future reference.


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Glad you found it.  What you had already described in your troubleshooting showed you were on the right track and almost there...good job!

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