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New Robalo R160 Owner with Issues

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I just purchased a 2016 Robalo r160 with the Yamaha 90 this past weekend. I test drove the boat and had a mechanic look over it before I bought it. Everything seemed fine in the twenty minute test ride and the mechanic assured me the boat was in mint condition. After taking it out for a full day Sunday, I have noticed some possible issues. For one, in slightly choppy water the throttle will not stay in one position and continually creeps down, thus slowing the boat down (is there a way to tighten this?). The baystar power steering is very difficult to turn (does it just need to be greased?) and the last issue is there was a considerable amount of water that flowed out after I removed the drain plug. The hull has absolutely no imperfections, so is this normal?

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Hi RyanC and welcome to the forum!

If that is the Model 704 binnacle, there should be a little plastic door on the front of the binnacle.  Gently pry it off and under it is a slotted screw used for adjusting the friction on the handle.  Clockwise to tighten.  Do not over do it to the point the handle is hard to push or pull.

Was them steering stiff during sea trial?  Is it difficult to turn the wheel when then engine is not running?  If so, I would first recommend greasing the tower housing on the engine.  There should be 1or 2 fittings that will grease the pivot shaft on the motor.  I am surprised the mechanic did not notice that, if it is the case.  Low hydraulic fluid would result in that a lot of turning of the wheel would be required to get the steering cylinder to move and this does not sound like the issue.  One other thing that can cause hard steering when running is if the motor is mounted too deep.  This is an easy thing to check.  With the motor trimmed in the normal running position, the cavitation plate should be 1 to 1 1/2 inches above the bottom of the hull.  Too deep and the boat will run slower and steering can feel odd.

Drain plug...was it in tight?  Was it put in prior to launching or had it been in for some time and rainwater may have accumulated in the bilge.  One way to do a quick check for any leaks down low would be to put the plug in while on the trailer and then put enough water in the bilge to cover the drain, then look on the outside for any leaks.  Another place to check for water intrusion is the rub rails just in front of the transom on both sides.  Look under them to see if there is a gap between the top and sides of the boat.

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