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New to forum-need help with 2440


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Hi all,

Am new to the forum and new to the boating world. I am from Mauritius, a small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean for those who don't know. So am looking into restoring a Robalo 2440 which has been sitting for several years. I need help as to where on the boat is the hull id located?

Find attached some photos of the boat

Appreciate any help






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Hi Screenman and welcome to the site!  

Looks like Mauritius is a great place with lots of clear water.  Please tell us  more about the place; I would think the snorkeling and fishing should be fantastic there.

So what is the story on this boat?  Outside of the boat does not appear to be bad looking other than needing a good pressure washing.  How does the transom look?  What kind of engines mounted back there?

The hull id number should be molded into the outside of the transom on the starboard side just under the rub rail.  There is supposed to be a second location for the same number in the front of the boat, but I am not sure where it would be located.

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Hey, thanks for the reply. Found the Hull id 😉!

Yes, Mauritius is surrounded with nice beaches and clear water. So the boat came from South Africa. My uncle got it from a friend there. Sadly some paper work were missing to be able to register the boat locally. The boat has been sitting outside for some 6 - 7 years now. My uncle has passed away recently and me and my cousins are trying to gather the necessary things and get the boat on the water for the family. 

So from the hull id i found that this is a 1994 model 2440. Engines at the back are twin Mercury 150 2 stroke (am guessing these are the original engines). We shall have a mechanic take a look at the engines early next year and see if they start up.

The hull as you said need a good pressure wash and cleaning as well as a good buffing for the gel coat to bring this baby back to is glory days. I think the electrical system as well will have to be completely re-done and i will have to source some new equipment such as radios and navigation system.

Eventually down the line we may think to re-power the boat with a new pair of engines (those new evinrude g2 150 looks nice). Any suggestion on these as well would be greatlly appreciated.

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Pull the spark plugs on those motors and squirt some oil in each cylinder, then turn over by hand to get that oil on the cylinder walls and rings.  If 1994 motors, pretty sure carb instead of injected.  All carbs will need to be dis-assembled, cleaned, and new gaskets and jets (figure a complete overhaul for each one).  Check all fuel lines, both on the motors and boat for dry rot.  If they even look questionable, replace them...better safe than sorry.  The nice thing about those motors is once you get them running and compression is good, feed them clean gas and oil, they will run forever and are easy to work on.  The downside is they do tend to drink gas.  The newer technology injected motors and 4 strokers will about double your distance per gallon.

Looks like you have the right idea; go through and check everything.  This part may actually be easier than the paper work chase to get that boat registered. 

Keep us informed on your progress and don't be shy about asking questions. 

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