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I’ll post this up but I dunno, I think it was added on for the lower bilge when the scuppers were removed. I also have the garboard drain installed. So here goes, the first pic is early on in my Resto, when the transom was being reglassed. See the fitting. Then a pic of the stern. 



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On my boat, the rigging tubes were bonded together with regular pvc cement.  Just make sure to support the pvc as much as possible to prevent fractures from bouncing around.

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Okay, don’t judge me.... it’s been a while! I’m working on it (honestly)!!

I need to paint the hull, which means removing the rub rail. How easy / hard is it to get back on?

Looks like there needs to be some tension in the rope prior to screwing in but not sure how to go about it.


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It's been 15 years since I took mine off...just a little longer than how long your job is taking 😂 (just messin' with ya!).

The rubber piece was not that hard to remove or re-install.  The rope has a tendency to shrink once unscrewed.  I believe I soaked the rope in water to get it pliable enough to work with.  You may want to consider getting a new piece of rope for yours as new is easier to work with.  

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Hacks On removing the gunnel.The rubber is easy to deal with.

When removing it mark the middle of rope and rubber  with blue masking tape to help in the reinstall.
I’d  just re-attached it after it has been in the sun all day to make easy to pull.

 You can use masking tape to make a strait line above the rubber placement along the gunnel. 
While it is off you can caulk or use filler to fill in all the holes along the gunnel to make it waterproof.

I would also ( with help of a fishing buddy) drill new mounting holes and then shoot the screw in aligning it up to the blue tape.

On replacing the rope there are a couple tricks. Use a rag around a dowel and apply Vaseline along the rubber edges .

You can stretch the  rope out starting  starting with putting the center in first then using a rubber mallet covered with a couple socks (won’t leave black marks on the rope you just bleached and used fabric softener overnight) You need someone pulling on it while you are pounding in.

I make a common whipping knot on both ends. This way I can pull it until the end.

I Have a 1” S/S piece bow rail with a 90*cut on the end that goes in between the rubber and you pull it around the boat while someone feeds it into the pipe. ( a lil more Vaseline will help)  lil  awkward at first but it gets easier as you go along.

I have had to tie the whipping knot end to a reattach strap to pull the rope if needed ( that’s why I tie that knot after it’s inside the pipe or with mallet method.




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Thank you Mr Robalo.... I will pluck up the courage to tackle it.

Come a long way since cutting into the rotten deck... all thanks to the supreme patience and guidance of Dan. Thank you.

Now to stop posting pics from my back yard and get the damn boat in the water!!


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Well let me give you a little of my  knowledge :

My 1969 is 53yrs old and my 1976 I just totally restored during covid is 46 yrs old. And neither one is finished and perfect . Never has been ,Never will but that’s what owning a CLASSIC is all about.

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