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Hey Two-N-Tow,

               After several conversations this summer with some of my boating friends,  about our Old boats,  I promised them I'd ask this question.

Everybody asks,,,,  How many of those boats still around,  where are they located   etc...??

So I had an idea that maybe it would be interesting and fun ,  if possible,,,,,   to have a  "Old Robalo registry page" added to this forum.

Maybe we can get some responses to see if there is interest in this info....   and if you would have the ability to build this into the Forum ?

The page simply could be called ;   Register Your Old Robalo      This could be boats of 20 or 25 years or Older

Maybe it could be sub divided by  boat length, to give everybody an idea of what model ( size ) boats are out there the most ...

Info to enter could be ;      Name of owner & location  (City/State / Country)  or just  City/State/Country,  if they don't want to put their name.

                                              3 pics of boat with one being of the Registration plate (if available), one of the outside and one of the inside.

                                             Model of boat ;   R236  & Year of boat  

                                             Power type ;    Ex; (2015 200 hp  Yamaha  Four Stroke ) or  Mercury I/O  496     etc....etc...


Just enough general info, to give us an idea of how many and where they are ,   who knows,,,,,  somebody 3 blocks away from you may have one you don't know was there !!!

I personally know that there are two other Old Robalo's in my general area that I have seen over the last couple years but don't know where they are located in the area.  One is  a R236 like mine and the other is the I/O version of the boat.

What do you ya think  ??



"The Dr. Ann"    1975   R-236




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I think this sounds like a great idea.  If nothing else, just to see what is out there.  Lets see if there is any interest from other guys/gals and I will then start a thread for members to enter the information.  I can then put it in a spreadsheet that anyone could access.  May be able to do some research on older forum members and get some of the information needed (pictures and HIN  would be hard to find).


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  • 9 months later...

Hi Emilio and welcome to the forum.

Start a new thread under the restoration section and show us what you have.  Looking forward to seeing some pictures.

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Just read this post and got me thinking ???  Let’s see we usually only manufactured and shipped on average  between 5-10 boats a week and I would guess 75-80 % of the boats built from 1969 to 1993 are still in existence and some needing to be restored. I’m in Florida and cruising through FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE alone I have seen so many for sale as project boats     ( and its hard not to  get another one ) and mainly the reason is people don’t understand these boats are totally foam filled like a whaler (1969-1993 are totally foam filled ) they get the boat remove the gas tank hatch and they got a surprise they weren’t expecting. Then they look for the bilge area and there were none until we  re-engineered the stern in 1986 to have a bilge area mostly to put high speed water pickups and transducers. And it also allows  us to to connect the stern boxes and on some models dual rigging troughs .  Our boats are totally different  from traditional boat construction and there isn’t many shops to take it to or where to get info on the older boats besides here. So they either let them sit and become a barn find  or pass it on to the next guy to buy. These boats are the tanks of boats . The transom is the biggest scare to most people and up until now was a big job with it taking a lot of MATERIALS,GRINDING ,GLASSWORK   and HOURS.. Now with the availability of THE NEW POUR IN TRANSOMS  it is like a “WALK IN THE PARK “ compared to the old way. ( more first hand on that from me in a future post ) yes it does take time to redo the old ones. Hardest thing that MUST BE DONE is a complete fuel system replaced. Removing the foamed in tank is a pain in the a$$ but with tips from our members it isn’t that bad. With the replacement of the tank and hoses and a new pour in transom almost all that’s left is cosmetics.  
And that’s my 2 cents worth . 

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Great Info as usual  Mr. Robalo !

Now, if we could just get members to send in they're boat info , we could start a special page an begin to see jus how many are out there and if they are being used or restored and where they are located !

Come  on guys, it's too cold to do anything outside, let's get this list going .....

The Dr Ann R-236  (1975)   Working on Year # 46 ......  How many other Brand's can say that !!

Dr.Ann-Pearl River.JPG

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Two N Tow,

If it's the  Boat Porn  , is there something there that Tells people what Information to List with a pic of their boat ?

I look at is as just a place for people to show pics of their boat.

I think the info we would be interested in would be ;   1) pic of boat  2) Model #  & Year built  3) Location of boat (State or Country)

That would give us a listing of where these Old boats are  and which Models they are.

Lets see what  Mr.Robalo thinks about that.

Dr. Ann  R-236

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How about this?  Copy and paste the following format into your response so we can see what model older boats are still on the water:

Name:  (optional)



Power:  (Year Manufacturer horsepower)

Picture of hull id number:

Picture of boat capacity plate:

Pictures of boat:

Put it under the Introductions heading at the top of the forum or create a separate area similar to Introductions that would be labeled Robalo Boat Registry and have a sub-topic under that?

Thinking about how long we have been around, it would have been nice to have started this back in 2006 on the old forum.  We had lots of active members up to just prior to going off-line for a few months back in 2018.

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That sounds pretty good to me !

Is there a way to send a general message to all members , that this page is being added and where to find it ?

I think that might spark some to search it out an fill it in.... ?

Should be very interesting to see just how many and what models are still out there performing for people !  

Don   "The Dr. Ann"  R-236

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I think there is a way I can do a  mass email to all members that had registered.  Let me work on getting the sub forum set up first, then post a draft of the message for you to review before we hit up all members.

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I got the sub-forum set up under the Introduction section - it is at the bottom.  Take a look and let me know if any changes are needed either in the format or wording.

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Looks Good , I only see 1 thing that needs to be corrected and 1 thing you might want to consider changing....

In your first sentence end ,of sentence says ;   still on the water and where are you.  ( Shouldn't this be -  and where you are located )

The other thing I thought is ;  The Registry seems like it should be listed right under the  Introduction section, I kinda feel that since you have to page down to the bottom of that listing section, a New Member probably wouldn't see it readily. ??  

Don  ( The Dr. Ann  R-236)

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Since the World Wide Web started I have been helping people with the information they want to know about there ROBALO BOATS.  When I answer there questions I’m typing what goes through my mind about the answer. I really don’t think about proper grammar or spelling ( thank goodness for spell check ) as I’m thinking about the questions of some of our boats being over 50 years ago and my mind is the only MANUAL I can use. I’ve had people tell me my sentences run together and is hard to follow when reading. The part that burns my butt is it’s usually someone just reading the post and not the one that needs the information . That’s when I say to myself “ just wait until they need info about there boat “and they will come upon a “deaf ear.”. LoL  

Enough about all that proper Etiquette.   On with the project at ✍️
Like I use to tell PoPs  “ There’s your laugh for the day “

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Ha  Ha ...  Don't fret !   I have the same problem !!  Especially if I'm typing a Text Msg. on the phone....  Small keyboard and LARGE fingers ,  damn phone don't seem to cooperate !!  Got a mind of it's own !!

They don't make these new fangled devices for Older people.................  The letters keep getting smaller and the eyesight keeps getting worse !!  :((

Don   "The Dr. Ann"

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No problem!  Now it is my turn to ask a favor.  You want to take a stab at drafting an email that I can send out to all members that have been active here the past 3 years inviting them to post to the registry page?

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