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Garboard Drain Install


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Mr Robalo found the original instructions for installing a garboard drain and correcting the water seepage issue at the fishbox drain.

It is the drain in the bottom of the transom that drains the boat of any water in the hull. The ROBALO’s from 1969-1992 were TOTALLY FOAM FILLED. That is why you need to install one (unless you have a model with a bilge area ) as well as replacing the drain in the floor of fish box (even with a bilge area you need the fish box in the floor redone.

First you need to purchase the garboard drain for transom, a threaded through hull fitting, and 4200 sealant.

Start by lowering the bow, finding the center of transom measuring up 1 1/4” from bottom mark it. Now drill the hole through the transom and if no water comes out drain. Now take out the fish box drain out. We installed a rolled end drain sleeve so you can use I hack saw blade and cut it top to bottom use a chisel to finish the job. Now you can get a piece of rebar and jam it in until you get up to fish box cleaning up anything around the hole. There’s nothing you can hurt this area just vacuum out any foam. Now if quite a bit of water drains out let it drain a couple rain free days to dry it out. You see we used closed cell foam and it’s injected between hull and liner. It is closed cell and only time it holds water is if it is in a area that foam has been cut at.

Once dried out you want to start in the fish box. Get some marine putty and put it in the drain hole filling the void between fish box and hull. Once that it has cured hard find a fishing buddy to help you. Now you can drill the hole to match your through hull fitting, then to install your new fitting using the 4200 tightening as well as you can.  Go back now finish up transom and 4200 all the holes and install the garboard drain.  Now you are done with that part.  I’d give it a day or two to cure then have someone.  Raise the bow as high as you can. Watch to see what comes out.  Leave garboard drain plug removed (put in safe place) like that for as long as you want. Then in 5 years reseal through hull and fish-box as you think it will last for years but should be done every 5 years as maintenance.  It is not a big job for a couple guy’s only takes about a 6-pack.

Sammy Joe Quattry
4 Generations of Fishermen, 1 ROBALO

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