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Hi All,

I am new to this forum and to Robalo, but not to boating and to American sportfishing boats specifically.

I live in Italy, where I have found an interesting old Robalo that I would like to buy as a second boat (more agile and easy to handle than my Albemarle 32).

I am attaching pictures of this one I am looking at, and I would be grateful is someone could help me to identify the exact model and a possible year of production. The current owner has no idea...

Many thanks! 





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Hi Fuid and welcome to the forum!

Any chance you can post the hull id number?  That would help identify the year.  Also, what is the length of the hull?  

Just a wild guess, but it is either a 2020 or 2120, 1985 or older.

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Hi 2-N-TOW,

thank you for your welcome message and answer!

I will see the boat on Saturday and will look for an id number but it seems to be a 190 from the 70s...

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Looks like someone has taken very good care of that boat.  If you can, run measure the length, too.  

Slightly off topic, 3 weeks ago I ran by the Albemarle factory in Edenton, NC.  They are about 90 minutes from my house.  We were down there for other reasons when I told the wife we needed to make a slight detour.  Next time I get down there I am going to see if they will take me out back to see the boats being assembled!

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