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1981 Robalo R2360?

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Hello everyone, new member to the Robalo family. I came across a 1981 2360 and having a hard time finding specs on the boat. In particular tank size. It’s a project boat for me and I’m still diving into it all. And and info would be appreciated! 



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Also are trim tabs recommended for salt water (gulf of Mexico) I tested it in a freshwater lake and it seemed to tilt right.

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He LeeBoyd and welcome to the site!

Here are the specs for 1982 2360.

The slight lean while running could be due to prop torque.  There is a little tab directly behind the prop that can be adjusted to help counter that lean/torque.

Definitely want trim tabs on the boat.  Once you get the hang of using them, they can be adjusted to offset that lean/torque.  They also are great when running into swells and chop, giving you the ability to lower the bow so it can cut through the waves instead of bouncing over them.  If you have a number of people on the boat, lower the tabs some and they will help to get it up on plane.

Tank is 84 gallons for that  model.

Keep us updated on what needs to be done to the boat.  It is a nice looking rig!

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