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2140 fuel tank replacement

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Hi Craig and welcome to the site.

Lots of guys have done this on the site.  Use the search feature and it should come up with a number of threads of what is involved in removing the old tank and installing the new one.

Biggest aggravation is going to be removing the foam around the tank.  A few ideas for doing this is (1) tear the foam out by hand along the sides and around the bottom edges, then hook a couple of straps to the tank and pull up in an attempt to break the bond with any foam under the tank; (2) a little more messy, but use a pressure washer to blow the foam out (I would still recommend doing as much as possible under #1, then start the pressure washer blasting); (3) remove as much foam as possible, then use a chain saw or wire saw to cut under the tank and foam to make it easier to release.

If you are going with an aluminum tank, coat it with coal tar epoxy prior to installation so there is no raw aluminum exposed to salt water.  If you end up using a poly tank, follow the manufacturer's instructions on the install as those tanks have to be allowed room to swell due to fuel expansion.  This means they cannot be foamed in like an aluminum tank; need to be strapped into place.

Hope this gives you some information to start with.  

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I read this and tried searching many times with various combinations of words and can't find a good thread about replacing the fuel tank on a 1996 2140.

If one exists can you help me find it?

If not then can we re-visit this topic on this thread please?  I need to replace mine and my first question is how do I know what new tank to order?  I can't even find any official parts list for the boat to make sure I get the correct tank on order.  I feel like knowing the correct tank as per original Robalo design is better than me opening up the floor and measuring myself.

Craig, did you end up replacing yours? - any advice?

Thanks guys

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You might not find a thread specific to a 2140, but there are plenty of tank replacement threads for many different boats that will tell you the basics of what you need to do.

Finding the dimensions of your specific tank prior to pulling it? One of the old Robolo guys will have to let you know it that info still exists. You might have to pull it and measure.

I had a leaking aluminium tank in my R190 center consol. I removed the hatch, disconnected the hoses, dug out all the foam I could easily get at. Then I used a pressure washer and blew out the rest until the tank popped out. Easy, but messy!!

Then I cleaned the tank up with a  wire wheel brush on a grinder. I found out salt water got in the tank well, got between the foam and tank and corroded the tank in a couple areas.

So the cheapest solution was to take it to a local welding shop, they patched the bad areas. I then coated it with coal tar epoxy and refoamed it back in the well area. Most of the tank was in good shape so patching made sense.  It was on a 1977 boat!


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Shawn -

Open the inspection port in the floor over the fuel sender.  You might get lucky and find the manufacturer's tag.

Florida Marine Tanks was probably the original tank manufacturer.  I seem to recall they had copies of the original tank drawings to fabricate replacement tanks.  


The link takes you to Patrick Industries, so they may have been bought out.  Worth a try contacting them and see if they at least can provide tank dimensions before you have to open it up.  Then you could try to locate a poly tank of that approximate size.

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