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Transom Enclosing/ Drainage

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I have 1977 AMF 236 W/A

I am contemplating removing the "Fish Box" and possibly enclosing the transom.  Or i may just  bring the floor all the way back to the drains and put in a live well... 

Anyone have any experience with this...  



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I have a 1975 R-236 Cuddy that  I converted to a set up like you are contemplating , with a full transom height.

Bait Box can be operated as  freshwater pick up, and drains thru side of hull or closed circuit re-circulate.

Bait Tank was fabricated with gel coated  fiberglass, then enclosed in fiberglass encapsulated plywood and outside coated with gel coat.  Tank has a separator in the middle so bait can be segregated.  Bottom 2 hatches, give you access to the drain plug and floor drain trough. Also in the lower part is a transom mounted onboard dual charger/maintainer.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Project was not that difficult to do.


"The Dr. Ann"  



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